Passito, The Yellow Gold of Pantelleria


Land of great wines, Italy has a rich wine tradition, so much so that from its rich lands were born the most fine nectars. Even though the tiny island of Pantelleria does not hesitate to respect this noble tradition, having specialized over the centuries in the production of the famous Passito di Pantelleria, a DOC and exclusive wine from the typical amber color and the fragrant taste.

The history of the production of Passito starts over two thousand years ago: as early as 200 BC, indeed, Magone, great Carthaginian general, described in detail the production of the ancient nectar produced on the island of Sicily, and still remains virtually unchanged.Passito di Pantelleria  is, as is clear from the name, an exclusive product of the homonymous magnificent island, therefore not only the grapes must be produced on the island, but here all the vinification operations must also be carried out, including the drying of grapes and bottling. In a first phase the picked grapes are placed in wooden boxes placed to dry in sunny and well ventilated locations for a period that varies from 1 to 4 weeks. Depending on the drying time, the grape weight is reduced by up to 75% to the effect of hot and wind, while the sugar concentration varies from 25% to 55%.

The grapes are then grilling and immersed in the must in fermentation, product of a second harvest, so that the dried berry is rehydrated in contact with the wine. This phase is followed by a brief phase of fermentation, and then a long aging period of 15/18 months. From this process was born a sweet and aromatic wine that encapsulates all the flavors of this magical land.

Excellent along with dry desserts and blue cheeses, Passito stands out for its beautiful golden yellow color, which sometimes takes on amber hues. The aroma is fruity and aromatic, fragrant and characteristic of muscat, while the flavor is pleasantly sweet and pleasant, with hints of candied orange, honey, raisins and myrtle. A real made in Italy excellence, the Passito di Pantelleria is one of the most appreciated wines in the Belpaese, yet another wine treasure of the world’s most beloved peninsula.

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