Natural Expo 2018: the wellness fair

Natural Expo is the highly anticipated event held in the city of Forlì, which aims to be an invitation to wellness and a more natural and conscious approach to life, as well as greater respect and greater care for the environment. Numerous events are organized at the festival, such as the presentation of books or new products. Space is given to the culinary area and cosmetics, but there is also a huge space dedicated to alternative medicines, holistic therapies and meditation and reflection. The decision to talk about eco-sustainable travel and tourism is also interesting.

Event dedicated to a more natural lifestyle

But what do we mean by wellness fair? It is an event  dedicated to a healthy and natural lifestyle, to the awareness of the community towards environmental issues and therefore to the diffusion of eco-sustainable food styles and life philosophies such as vegan and vegetarian, increasingly widespread both for a question of health benefits and for purely ethical reasons.

Fiera Natural Expo: what to expect ?

Nature, culinary culture, beauty and well-being, home care and meditation: Natural Expo will include wellness and naturalness at 360 °. The “vegan” sector will concern food, but also clothing and lifestyle. As far as beauty and wellness are concerned, we will talk about holistic and alternative treatments, eco-sustainable make-up and spa wellness and massages. For the home we will deal with issues such as cleaning and saving energy. Topics such as travel, meditation and phytotherapy will also be discussed.

Natural Expo: Entry times and dates

Natural Expo 2018 fair will be held from 16th  to 18th  February in the city’s fair area. It will be open to visitors from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Friday and 10:00 am to 8:00 pm for the whole weekend. Tickets will cost € 3 on Friday and € 8 on Saturday and Sunday. It will be possible to use a discount coupon of € 6 by following the instructions on the site dedicated to the event. Tickets can be purchased directly at the entrance to the fair.

What to do in Forlì

If you are wondering what to see in Italy and in particular you would like to discover what to do in Forlì, because you are planning to visit the Natural Expo and you want to find a way to spend your time in the city, here is a short list of the most beautiful things to see in Forlì:

  • The museums of San Domenico, which periodically hold exhibitions of different kinds (more info online)
  • The urban park Franco Agosto, a paradise in the countryside
  • The Abbey of San Mercuriale, imposing and majestic work of art from 1100/1200 also containing a wonderful crypt
  • Casa dei Ricordi – Villa Carpena: former residence of Benito Mussolini, now used as a museum.
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