Visiting museums at Christmas: a peaceful cultural moment

Here are the main exhibitions that take place in Italy during the Christmas period and some advice on museums to visit

In recent years the Christmas holidays have been particularly characterized by frenzy and confusion. Many people, however, prefer to take advantage of the holiday period to immerse themselves in culture while enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. Spending Christmas visiting the rich Italian museums is an increasingly popular activity also for locals. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of the most interesting exhibitions that take place at this particular time of year in the museums of the main Italian cities. In detail we will take stock of the main appointments of Milan, Rome, Turin and Venice.

The main exhibitions in the museums in Milan

Milan is certainly one of the most important Italian cities from a cultural point of view, also thanks to the vast presence of museums throughout the geographical area. In fact, there are many events and exhibitions organized in the Lombard capital. Surely, among the major exhibitions we cannot forget the prestigious one held at Palazzo Reale and dedicated to Pablo Picasso. By the name of “Picasso-Metaformosi”, the exhibition offers an itinerary where the visitor can find out about the inspirational relationship of the Spanish painter with antiquity and mythology. There are also some prestigious works from the main museums in Europe.

There is also another very interesting international exhibition in the city at Christmas time. Under the name of: “ The Art of Banksy – A Visual Protest”it is held in the spaces of MUDEC, the Museum of Cultures. The exhibition presents over 70 works by the worldwide famous and controversial English artist.

There is also another unmissable event under the same roof, and it is dedicated to photographer Steve McCurry and has an animal theme. 60 iconic shots of the famous photographer are displayed.

The most interesting exhibitions in the museums in Rome

The Italian capital hosts two major exhibitions that can be visited at this time of year, and they are both set up at the Vittoriano Complex’s museums. The first one is dedicated to Andy Warhol the “King of Pop Art”, and presents over 200 masterpieces by the American artist.


The other exhibition is dedicated to the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock. 50 works by the great artist are displayed, together with works by others famous artists such as Rothko, de Kooning and Kline.

The exhibitions in the museums in Turin

Turin is historically another Italian city with a very important cultural tradition. One of the most interesting events of the period is the exhibition held at the Galleria Sabauda and dedicated to Antoon Van Dyck, the painter who revolutionized the art of the portrait in 1600.

Here you will be able to see over one hundred works from the most important museums in the world. At the Cavour building there is another very interesting event called Japan Fiorito. Through the works of great artists of the nineteenth century it tells the life and nature of ancient Japan.

Venice: exhibitions during the Christmas period

Venice has always been considered the cradle of art. Even at Christmas you can visit the many museums and historic buildings in the city. Among the events one should consider we must certainly mention the exhibition held at Palazzo Zaguri and entitled: “From Kandinsky to Botero- All in one thread”. On show are 100 original tapestries, all inspired by or representing some of the works by painters of last century, displayed over the four floors of the building. Most of the works come from one of the major Italian tapestry factories, namely the one of Ugo Scassa.

The Christmas period can also be ideal for those in search of a bit of peace and quiet while discovering Italian culture. Also in this period of the year, many cities present interesting exhibitions to meet the interests of all type of visitors. If you want to discover other events taking place in Italy we suggest you read this article too. Certainly, also at Christmas, Italian museums can offer good reasons for a visit with a cultural perspective.

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