The most beautiful Blue Flag beaches in Italy

The five best Italian beaches awarded in the 2018 edition

Our peninsula boasts many beaches appreciated for their beauty and for the quality of their waters. The Blue Flag beaches in Italy are also the majority this year. This is testimony to the quality of the water and the naturalistic beauty of our coasts. Italian Traditions will lead you on to the discovery of the five best beaches awarded in 2018 with this sought-after and important recognition.

What does blue flag mean?

Every year the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) assigns the blue flag to European coastal resorts that meet certain quality criteria in relation to certain parameters. These are:

  • bathing water
  • service offered
  • cleanliness of the beaches
  • tourist footfall.

This prize is awarded annually based on two merit points. The first concerns the beaches while the second refers to the presence of tourists.

Places wishing to participate must complete a questionnaire. This consists in twelve different sections which are:

  • general information
  • the beach
  • bathing water quality
  • sewage treatment
  • waste management
  • environmental education and information
  • environmental initiatives
  • environmental certification
  • tourism
  • Beach resort
  • professional fishing
  • Compliance to regulations.

Its background

The award was established in 1987, during the celebrations of the European Year of the Environment, and is handled in each member country by the local organs of the foundation. Through a national committee, the candidate sites are selected by carrying out periodic checks. Then the national candidacies are proposed to the international FEE. An important aspect to underline is the fact that in recent years, apart from Europe, the prize has been awarded to 48 countries all over the world. The other nations are:

  • New Zeland
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Caribbean.

Its purpose is to promote sustainable management of the territory in seaside municipalities. This is done by following some guidelines that put attention and care for the environment first. The criteria according to which the foundation evaluates the nominations vary periodically. This is done to push the participating local administrations to commit themselves continually to improve and solve the problems concerning the management of the territory for the purpose of safeguarding the environmental heritage.

The beaches in different regions

The region that boasts the largest number of blue flag beaches in Italy is Liguria which is confirmed again this year by this important ranking. The second position also goes to Tuscany this year. In third place, however, there is a surprise, in fact Campania takes third place overtaking the Marche in the standings. In total, there are 27 Ligurian towns that have received the Blue flag in 2018. In Tuscany, all the 19 that were awarded in the last edition were confirmed.

The best 5 Italian blue flags of 2018

The best blue flag beaches in Italy are:

  • Camogli
  • Levanto
  • Forte dei Marmi
  • Senigallia
  • Sorrento.
SENIGALLIA. Photo Credit: Hotel Caggiari
LEVANTO. Photo Credit: Travelfar Travel
FORTE DEI MARMI. Photo Credit: Terredimare
CAMOGLI. Photo Credit: Viaggiare Oltre

The first location is situated in Liguria which is also the most awarded region this year. This small village is located on the Riviera di Levante 20 kilometers away from Genoa.

One of its main characteristics concerns the brightly painted buildings that can be found in the gulf. This was the work of the first fishermen who lived in the village. This allowed them to recognize the houses from afar when they were at sea. To make the environment even more pleasant is the presence of the mountains that rise up behind the inhabited center ensuring a mild climate protected from the winds.

Levanto is another Ligurian town in the province of La Spezia. The village is of ancient foundation and is located in a valley of olive and pine trees that overlooks the sea. Its position is adjacent to the protected natural area of ​​the Cinque Terre. The third locality is in Tuscany and is known worldwide for its lively nightlife. It gets its name from the small fort located in the center of the village, built by the Duke Pietro Leopoldo in defense of the territory. The city directly overlooks the Ligurian Sea and has one of the most popular beaches in our country.

Senigallia is a town in the Marche region in the province of Ancona that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It offers visitors wonderful sandy beaches. Finally the last resort among the Blue Flag beaches in Italy is that of Sorrento which is in Campania. It is located in front of the bay of the city of Naples and is part of the Amalfi coast appreciated and well- known tourist destination.

The importance of environmental protection is essential to preserve the natural treasures of nature found in our country. To discover other wonderful places we recommend reading this article too. Now that you know the Blue Flag beaches in Italy, you just have to organize your next holiday to one of these fascinating places.

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