Lake Bracciano, Lazio basin of volcanic origin

Lazio is one of the greenest regions of our country. Outside the capital, there are numerous wooded areas, often gathered around some lakes. One of the most famous is Lake Bracciano. It has volcanic origin, and extends over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. Over time on its green banks have arisen three municipalities: Bracciano, which bears the same name of the lake, Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano.

Today Lake Bracciano is included in the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano-Martignano, a real protected area for its natural value.

If you are in Lazio, or if you are just passing through, you could consider visiting both the lake of Bracciano and the town of the same name, ideal places to spend a relaxing day away from the routine of everyday life.

The wonders of the lake

The area around Lake Bracciano has experienced a strong urbanization, but several green areas, typically wooded, have also been preserved. Thanks to this both the fauna and flora of this area have been preserved. There is a good variability of species, especially with regard to aquatic animals living within the lake.

To avoid excessive water pollution, the use of motor boats has been banned. The only exceptions are a boat that connects the three municipalities that share the lake, and some boats owned by authorized fishermen. The almost total absence of motor boats has made the lake a landmark for many water sports enthusiasts, including sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. It is not uncommon to find people engaged in rowing.

Lake Bracciano is an excellent solution for those who want to spend a day in contact with nature, and can be visited at any time of the year. In summer there are establishments that allow you to rent classic beach equipment, such as umbrellas and deck chairs. Many prefer the tranquility of the lake to the beaches of the Tyrrhenian coast.

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Visit Bracciano

Bracciano has a thousand-year history, dating back to the middle ages. The testimonies of this long history are clearly visible within the cities, starting from the impressive Cathedral of Santo Stefano. For the population of Bracciano is the main place of worship, and is well recognizable by its iconic Baroque facade, the result of the latest changes made in the seventeenth century.

Another building you should definitely visit if you are in Bracciano is the Orsini Castle – Odescalchi, which in recent years has often been the center of the spotlight because many celebrated weddings have taken place here. Initially it was designed as a military structure, first used by the Orsini family and then by the Odescalchi. The castle can be visited by tourists, who will be amazed to note that inside the main structure, of Renaissance origin, there is still the previous fortress, built a few centuries earlier.

Finally, if you want to know the origins of the city, the Civic Museum of Bracciano offers several rooms that collect artifacts and evidence that even reach the Etruscan era, well before the Roman expansion occurred in this area. In addition to the exhibits, several multimedia installations are available, ready to capture the attention of both children and adults.

The local gastronomy

A beautiful day on the lake can not be defined ended without a real food and wine experience. Along the shores of Lake Bracciano there are many activities dedicated to catering, which allow you to taste some local specialties with a truly exceptional view.

Among the most appreciated dishes there are definitely fish specialties. The eel cacciatora is ideal for those looking for a recipe that can convey to the palate unusual flavors. The same goes for the roast corego. The coregone is a typical freshwater fish, and once cooked in the right way takes on a taste hard to forget.

Obviously there are restaurants specialized in the preparation of typical dishes of the Lazio and Roman tradition.

To accompany a good meal can not miss the local wine, produced in the many wineries that have started their activities around the lake. Our suggestion is to rely on the advice of restaurateurs, who with their experience will indicate the best wine to match the dishes you have chosen.

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How to reach Lake Bracciano

The town of Bracciano can be reached easily by car. The fastest route is often the one that passes through the Grande Raccordo Anulare, to be covered up to the Roma Centro/SS2/Cassia/Lago di Bracciano exit. At this point you have to continue along the Cassia towards Viterbo, then enter the via Braccianese/ Claudia and follow the signs to your destination.

Alternatively you can use the train, thanks to the line Roma-Capranica-Viterbo. Among the easiest stations to get on this line are Roma Ostiense, connected by Metro B, Roma Trastevere and Roma San Pietro. Once in Bracciano just walk for about 15 minutes to get to the lake.

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