Italy that loves sports, here are the activities suitable for the summer

Summer is the ideal season to have fun in the water to combat the heat. So here you can find out what are the water sports practiced in Italy. In fact it is possible to do sports in the water in the sea but also in the many Italian lakes and rivers.

Among the many activities that take place in the water undoubtedly one of the most practiced is the one that concerns diving and other similar sports. But that’s not all, in fact you have to know that in recent years Italy has become the home of water sports with sailing such as surfing and the kitesurf/a>.

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Very popular in the Italian territory is water skiing as well as canoeing and kayaking. In Italy in fact you can find many sea resorts magnificent.

Diving: one of the most popular water sports in Italy

In Italy one of the most popular water sports is diving thanks to the incredible seabed that you can find in many seaside resorts of the peninsula. This sport consists in diving under water with a special equipment that allows you to breathe and explore the wonders of the marine world.

You should know that for those who want to do a quieter sport you can do snorkeling. It’s about exploring the sea by swimming on the surface looking with a diving mask. Fins and other equipment also used for diving such as wetsuits can also be used.

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Water sports practiced in Italy: surfing and kitesurfing

In recent years also in Italy have had a great diffusion water sports from other countries such as the surf and kitesurfing. These activities are mainly practiced by younger people. The first is to ride the waves of the sea with a wooden board.  The goal is to be able to glide on the wave while standing on the board.


The kitesurf instead has more recent origins, in fact it was born in 1999. It essentially consists in being towed into the sea by a kite pushed by the wind aboard a wooden board. You should know that there are many beaches equipped for these water sports in Italy.

Water skiing: among the most fun water sports to practice in Italy

Water skiing is another of the water sports that have existed for many years. In fact it was invented in 1928 by Ralph Samuelson. This activity is the perfect combination of skiing on the snow and surfing. It consists in being towed in the water by a motorboat with the feet a pair of skis.

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In this case the skier to move exploits only the speed of the boat that is dragging it. The sport, unlike the previous ones, requires absence of wind and waves. For this reason it is very much practiced also in the lakes. One of the places where you can find areas equipped for this sport is the Viverone in the province of Biella. Another place where sport is very popular is Cagliari in Sardinia.

Water sports practiced in Italy: canoeing and kayaking

But that’s not all, in fact you have to know that there are other water sports practiced in Italy in the sea in lakes and rivers. These are two activities that you do on board boats pushed by paddles. These water sports are the canoe and the kayak.

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The first is a boat that can be both rigid and inflatable and moves using a paddle with only one shovel. In the past the position you had to hold on the canoe was on your knees but today there are also models that allow you to sit comfortably. In the kayak the paddle is equipped with two paddles and you sail sitting. In addition, these two sports also allow you to do other water activities such as fishing. It is one of the most popular sports in Italy.

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