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Universally recognized as the Belpaese country of a thousand traditions and excellence, Italy boasts an important tradition of craftsmanship. Present in the Italian peninsula since ancient times, contrary to what you might think, the craft does not seem destined to a historic production decline. Suffice to say that with well 5,031 companies and 76,610 employees, the Italian footwear industry is considered to be one of the pillars of the fashion industry. Sign of a careful selection of raw materials, skilled workmanship and elegant aesthetic, Italian shoes are recognized as the most coveted. Commitment, experience, tradition and innovation, together with creativity and continuous research characterize the work and masterful production of Italian footwear manufacturers, makers of dreams that can enhance our personality. Put away your old pair of shoes and sport a brand new look! Italian Traditions has selected some of the best Italian footwear companies for you!


Tod’s: In the luxury goods industry for other 50 years – leather and footwear – the brand from Marche represents a perfect combination of tradition, high quality and modernity, distinguished by the creation of models that have become ideals for contemporary lifestyle. The company was founded in the early twentieth century by Filippo della Valle, grandfather of the current owner, Diego, with whom the company has gone through the transition from small family run business to a well-known industry and world renown Italian brand. Today Tod’s is the parent company of a group, which ranks amongst the leaders of the luxury goods industry and includes Tod’s, Hogan, Fay and Roger Vivier. All of the brand in the group hold the same premise, a balanced mix of tradition and modernity, high quality, creativity and usability of each product. Every product is handmade with superior craftsmanship techniques, in order to become a unique, modern, functional and recognizable objected after being subjected to numerous quality controls. (Via Filippo Della Valle, 1 – 63811 Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM)Tel. 0734 8661 Fax 0734 866280)

Casadei: The company’s history is closely linked to the life of Cesare Casadei, creative director of the brand and the son of two craftsmen who founded Calzaturificio Casadei in the 1960s just outside Rimini. After spending some time abroad, Caesar felt the call to get involved in the family business and in the mid- eighties started his own production. The first show room opened in Milan in 1990 and in 1994 Cesare became the creative director of the brand. His experience acquired on the field in production and his close relationship with traders and suppliers allowed him to achieve a high level of quality, making him an important reference point in the world of Italian footwear. Casadei operates in the women’s footwear industry, standing at the high end of the market. It works with an artisanal production apparatus that creates small gems of creativity and engineering. Each shoe is produced in shop and most of the raw materials are produced exclusively for the fashion house. (V. XX Settembre, 87 – 47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) tel. 0541 932675 fax. 0541 933652)

NeroGiardini: Leaders in the world of footwear and accessories, NeroGiardini was founded in 1975 as a small company for a third-party account owned by several shareholders, but knows great development, followed by an equally great success that came in 1998, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Enrico Bracalente, who managed to develop an effective marketing strategy based on quality Made in Italy products. The production is mainly Italian with skilled labor which guarantees the high quality of the products, which is in fact, the strong point of the company, committed to the continuous enhancement of Italian know-how, as well as the professional resources of the Marche region. Today NeroGiardini is part of several Italian companies of excellence, combining handcrafted techniques with the most modern industrial technology. The ‘Italianness’ of the shoes and accessories by NeroGiardini is emphasized by the tricolor (red white and green) displayed on the soles and the packaging of each product. (Via dell’Industria, 11, 63815 Monte S. Pietrangeli (FM), Tel. 0734 96641).

Doucal’s: Doucal’s was founded in 1973 by the great mind of Mario Giannini, who following his experience gained in England in the British Shoe Manufacturing District, decided to give a British cut to his small artisanal company, initially founded with the Duke’s logo, trying to convey such dedication to the perfection, typical of English factories. From scale beginnings, the company quickly turned into an industrial company, it developed and was followed by the second generation. Doucal’s shoes are now designed with an English look but with the Italian comfortable fit guaranteed by the presence of an insole characterized by a layer of active carbon, which give great comfort and freshness to the foot. In addition, it provides an antibacterial action. Such peculiarities that have given Doucal’s shoes a very appreciated aspect in new emerging markets by paying more attention to the comfort rather than stiffness. (Via Lombardia, 19-19/A, 63812 Montegranaro (FM), Tel 0734 891771).

Lux Calzature: Lux Calzature was officially founded in 1980 by the will to create a family business from scratch, which could be competitive at a national level thanks to the recognized and consolidated value of its Italian craftsmanship. What defines Lux Calzature is definitely its Italian character: from the choice of materials, all produced in Italy and selected based on their quality and durability, by the manufacturer. The hides are chosen according to their natural characteristics and are processed so as to preserve the softness and color. Behind every pair of Lux shoes, there is careful research combined with knowledge of the craft, and a close, detailed following of the production in every single step. The result is a collection that is continually renewed by following the fashion trends of the moment, conjugated with high quality materials and attention to comfort and fit of the shoe. (Via Reali, 10, 03045 Esperia (FR), Tel 077 6908398).


  1. En Italia hay muchos artesanos que producen zapatos. En cada ciudad, grande o pequeña, encontrará una fábrica de zapatos. Los más famosos son:
    – Casadei
    – Fratelli Rossetti
    – Tod’s
    – Nero Giardini

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