Invisible Cities, la realtà virtuale su 4 ruote

Today the virtual reality is becoming more and more widespread in everyday life and this has also become possible in Italy thanks to Invisible Cities.

The project offers the visitor a multimedia and multi-sensory experience completely immersive unique. Thanks to 5G, it is now possible to develop innovative systems for the use of content. Here you can find out in detail what is the product created by this Italian start-up.

But that’s not all, in fact you’ll also get to know how this incredible virtual reality experience works. Finally, you will know how this initiative contributes to the enhancement of the cultural and artistic heritage of Italy.

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Invisible cities what is it?

Invisible Cities is a start-up that aims to design solutions related to augmented reality. This project was funded by Linkem and Arsenale 23 to develop 5G technologies by creating new educational content.

The first project that was realized by young talents selected by the creative factory Arsenale 23 was the VR Bus that was presented at Rome. The team consists of VR experts, programmers, 3D artists and 3D designers.

You should know that this incredible project offers an immersive 3D experience without a viewer. It is essentially an operating exhibition service traveling through the streets of Rome that will be accessible to citizens and tourists at certain times and days.


How does Invisible Cities work?

The Invisible Cities project works thanks to a unique patent that allows you to move between the current archaeological ruins of ancient Rome and discover how they were 2000 years ago. You should know that all this is made possible thanks to the sensational and beautiful 3D reconstructions made by the best experts in the field of special effects.

The bus is equipped with 4K Oled screens that have been superimposed on the windows and where the images are projected. Thanks to a sophisticated satellite geolocation system, patented by Invisible Cities, the bus movement and images are perfectly synchronized. The passenger has the real physical feeling of moving in ancient Rome.

In addition you also have the opportunity to make an immediate comparison between the present and the past. The bus covers a tour of about 30 minutes through the streets of the Italian capital passing by the Fori Imperiali, the Colosseum, the Palatine and the Circus Maximus.

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Invisible Cities: the enhancement of the Italian artistic and cultural heritage

The project of Invisible Cities has as its main aspiration to enhance the great and wonderful artistic heritage of Italy that is unique in the world. The aim is to extend the service to other Italian cities that have a great historical and cultural heritage.

But that’s not all, in fact you have to know that this innovative idea also takes into account the aspects concerning sustainability. The bus that is used during the tour respects the environment and nature as it is an electric vehicle. Very interesting also the fact that during the journey the passenger is also offered a sensory experience.

In fact there is an integrated system of fragrance reproduction that reproduces the scents that were breathed in Rome 2000 years ago. All this amplifies the emotion and makes the experience offered by Invisible Cities truly unique and incredible. This initiative enriches the quality of the experience level you have of the city.In this way people can live the history directly and have the opportunity to share it collectively. This enhances in an exceptional way the archaeological, artistic and cultural heritage that are among the Italian excellences.

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