Glamping: the best “glamorous campsites” in Italy

For those who love to spend whole days immersed in nature but, in doing so, would like not to have to give up the comforts of their own home, the ideal solution has arrived: the glamping, a trend born recently able to combine the outdoor experience with the best comforts usually offered by luxury hotels!

It consists of a holiday totally green but, at the same time, luxury ideal for all those couples or families who pay no attention when it comes to pull the plug and get away from the daily routine dictated by the chaos of the city.


The name itself, in fact, is the union of two Anglo-Saxon terms now used all over the world, namely “camping” and “glamour” and indicates clearly and explicitly the choice of camping in the trees and under the stars, but still being able to use equipped tents or mobile homes equipped with all the necessary comforts.

Being, however, an experience to be lived in contact with nature, the materials used for the construction of housing and all the accessories made available to campers are natural or recycled and the use of renewable energy sources. As a result, there is no use of plastic objects, so as to ensure minimal environmental impact and zero pollution.

Origin and diffusion

The glamping fashion was initially launched in the luxury resorts of Africa and Australia but, in recent years, has conquered almost every part of the world, reaching Italy!

During its worldwide spread, glamping has also been nicknamed “boutique camping”, “luxury camping”, “posh camping” or “comfy camping”, all terms that still indicate the same principle: Camping in the name of comfort!

Camping di Lusso

Not surprisingly, in fact, the accommodations provided by glamping have various variations but all equally comfortable and comfortable:

  • yurt;
  • types curtains;
  • pod, that is, wooden huts;
  • domed curtains;
  • vintage caravans and trailers;
  • safari tents;
  • tent cabin;
  • houses on the tree;
  • lodge and airlodge;
  • huts made of wood or stone;
  • African curtains furnished.

So what is the difference? Simple: personal taste and the desire to make this experience even more intriguing and overwhelming!

The best glamping to try in Italy

As already mentioned, glamping has landed on Italian soil: beautiful and organized, luxury camping in Italy are magical places, where you can live a dream experience under starry skies, sleeping in transparent bubbles and sipping a lemonade on top of a tree. Here is the best:

Glamping Skyview Chalets and Glamping Caravan Park Sezten, Trentino Alto Adige

It starts from the extreme north of Italy, precisely from the Dolomiti, with the Skyview Chalet, a set of wooden houses with transparent windows that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view at any time of the day. The rooms, also called “glass cube” (ie ice cubes) are made in full respect of the surrounding nature, since many areas are protected by UNESCO; from their interior you can always admire the sky!
The structure is equipped with many amenities such as infrared sauna, whirlpool, restaurant and wine bar, all designed according to the idea of an eco-sustainable architecture: The village, in fact, is self-sufficient in the production and use of energy needed to operate.

Glamping Skyview Chalets

In Val Pusteria, in Sesto, however, here is the Caravan Park Sexten, one of the most famous glamping in Europe that boasts a large number of international awards and recognitions. It is a real paradise, easy to reach and welcomes visitors in small apartments, tree houses or wooden chalets.

Caravan Park Sexten

Glamping Canonici di San Marco, Veneto

The first glamping built in Italy dates back to 2009 and is the Canonici di San Marco: is located in the countryside between the Venetian Lagoon and the river Brenta and you can stay in tents spacious and equipped with any comfort you can imagine:

  • Luxury Tent Gelso, made of wood and overlooking a private garden;
  • Luxury Tent Kaki, between bohemian and hippie style;
  • Luxury Tent Suite Bamboo, princely tone;
  • Luxury Suite Tent Bagaloro, in full safari style.
Canonici di San Marco

Even in this case, the structures are eco-sustainable and have a very low environmental impact.

Glamping Gaia’s Sphere, Piedmont

“And I look at the world from a porthole”, phrase taken from the famous song “Luna” by Marco Canaglia, is perfect for the Sfere di Gaia, a glamping in Langhe in the province of Cuneo rich in vineyards, hazelnuts, truffles, oaks and chestnuts.

Gaia’s Sphere

If Gaia is the smallest of the family that manages the structure, her “spheres” are nothing but luxury tents of 20 square meters each, with private bathroom and transparent walls that allow you to have a privileged and constant look over the valley.
Small detail: There are neither wi-fi, nor television and, once arrived, owners recommend to put away the mobile to really live the contact with nature!

Glamping Relais dei Cesari, Lombardy

In Gagnano, Lombardy, there is the Relais dei Cesari, an ancient farmhouse of the nineteenth century accompanied by luxury “bubbles” with 5 stars. Among the most beautiful:

  • Bubble Suite, ideal for romantic stays and evenings under the stars;
  • Geodetic Luxury Suite, complete with double bedroom, private bathroom, wardrobe and a terrace equipped with barbecue.
Relais dei Cesari

A small corner of paradise away from the city tran tran where you can spend a weekend of pampering with your better half!

Glamping The Sun, Vallicella Glamping Resort and Glamping of Capalbio, Tuscany

Apparently, the Toscana has so appreciated the idea of the luxury camping to have (at least) 3 internationally renowned! The first is The Sun, in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, which allows you to stay in a beautiful tree house to live a super adventurous night! For those who want, the structure provides an outdoor shower and the Hot Tub, ie a larch tub filled with hot water.
But not only that, since glamping offers other 2 alternatives:

  • Cupola Geodetica Crystal, a dome built following simple geometries that, intersecting each other, form triangular elements that recall a sense of freedom and harmony;
  • Yurta Relax, a house built entirely of wood, felt and cotton with a simple and welcoming character.
Il Sole

Next, here is the Vallicella Glamping Resort, perfect for an outdoor holiday but with the same comforts of your own home (if not better). Visitors can choose different accommodation for the night between Lodge tents, mobile homes and bungalows:

  • solutions in glamping tents offer Air Lodge, Air Dreamer, Twin Lodge and Coco Suite, small tents-houses with living area with kitchenette and sleeping area;
  • glamp tent solutions, instead, provide Air Stay and Coco Couple, equipped with a single bedroom and, therefore, ideal for couples;
  • solutions in mobile home, finally, include Cottage Next and Cottage Clever, small wheeled houses with living area att
Vallicella Glamping Resort

Finally, near the Nature Reserve of Lake Burano, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, lies the Capalbio Campsite, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Inside you can enjoy lodge tents equipped with all possible amenities, as well as mobile homes and caravans. In addition, there are also tennis courts, basketball and five-a-side football, as well as a playground for children and areas for picnics and refreshments. To top it off, a coin-operated laundry and a bicycle rental service are also included!

Campeggio di Capalbio

Glamping La Piantata, Lazio

Just below Tuscany, precisely in the Maremma Laziale, stands La Piantata, a farm that immediately transmits relaxation and romance. Its two top proposals are the two tree houses, or rather, two suites suspended 8 meters above ground that allow you to stay between leaves and branches. The whole structure consists of 4 double bedrooms and 3 mini-apartments.

La Piantata

The green experience and luxury are perfectly combined in this unique solution with pool view which, in summer, is enriched with fragrant lavender and lush.

Glamping Circle of Desire, Abruzzo

Among the castles and medieval villages of Abruzzo stands the Circle of Desire, a glamping surrounded by hills and vineyards with a mysterious and unexplored. Visitors can stay in geodome, that is in spheres with panoramic windows at 90% that offer a wide view of the mountains of Gran Sasso.

Cerchio del Desiderio

Each tent is equipped with private terrace with jacuzzi, in which you can take a bath even in the middle of the night.

Glamping Nabi Lakes, Campania

The campsite Nabi Lakes has opened recently and is already a popular destination for a large number of people, especially for theenvironment characterized by pools of water obtained from the transformation of former abandoned sand caves.

Laghi Nabi

It consists of a real water village, highly evocative, which allows you to literally sleep on the water inside floating tents. Those who prefer to stay on dry land can opt for luxury tents on the lake edge.

Glamping Camp Resort, Procida

The wonderful island of Procida, already renowned for its glamorous attractions, could certainly not host a luxury campsite designed, among other things, down to the smallest details: and was born, in fact, the Camp Resort, so organized:

  • Caravan Suite and Garden Suite, refined bungalows;
  • Nordisk Village, a luxury open space tent.
Camp Resort

Each solution is, of course, accompanied by numerous accessories and guests can participate in yoga courses and boat excursions.

Glamping Atmosphere Bubble, Basilicata

Basilicata is known for its wild, uncontaminated nature, which still resists the unstoppable process of urbanization. In the heart of the region is located Atmosphere Bubble, a luxury campsite composed of spheres totally transparent and comfortable, which allow a constant contact with the outside environment.

Atmosfera Bubble

Inside you can enjoy a hot tub heated and outdoor, under a wonderful oak tree.

Glamping Towers Saeba, Puglia

Region with a high rate of tourists in any season of the year, the Puglia has joined the glamping with Torri Saeba, among the first Italian facilities to have offered a luxury camping experience extremely refined and elegant.

Torri Saeba

Each tent is made of wood and offers all the comforts typical of a hotel, including private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, kitchenette and veranda in the shade. Through special wooden paths, the various tents are also connected to a solarium reserved and a pool.

Glamping Azienda Agricola Villarè, Sicily

With its enchanting and super attractive landscapes, Sicily offers a different concept of glamping, more akin to organic farming, and it does so with theAzienda Agricola Villarè: with its Green Bubble Room, In fact, it makes available to guests a semi-transparent structure, entirely immersed in the fragrant gardens overlooking the Strait of Messina.

Azienda Agricola Villarè

Glamping Sardinna Antiga, Sardinia

It closes in beauty with Sardinna Antiga, Sardinian glamping that focuses on the beauty of past eras: the design is raw, simple, expertly designed to make the stone huts cozy and comfortable.

Sardinna Antiga

It is more of a village built on the traces of a community that actually existed and lived in the area until about 60 years ago.
Anyone who decides to stay inside, however, must give up something: sewers, cigarettes and mobile phone (this only in public areas). After all, is this not a return to the past?

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