Events in Milan in May: a virtual reality journey at the Castello Sforzesco

Among the events in Milan in May, we at Italian Traditions were intrigued by Beyond The Castle: an initiative allowing visitors to immerge into what was life at the Castello Sforzesco in the 15th century. It’s a fabulous opportunity to combine a visit to one of the most beloved symbols of Milan, with an interactive virtual reality experience allowing visitors to relive the atmosphere, charm and history of 15th century life at the fortress. These are the winning ingredients of the initiative that is held at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan from March 29th until September 30th, 2019 and that we want to tell you about to arouse your curiosity.

Beyond the Castle: what exactly is it?

Beyond The Castle is an interactive virtual reality experience that takes place inside Milan’s Castello Sforzesco. The aim is to allow visitors to the castle not only to look at its beautiful halls, battlements and towers, but, through virtual reality, also to become  protagonists of an interactive experience of “hyper reality” by entering into the role of a medieval archer flinging arrows from the top of the Falconiera Tower equipped with VR visors. It’s a wonderful experience letting visitors   relive the ancient events of life within the fortress.

Later the tour will resume with its “real-world” path following the directions of a guide that will highlight the places previously toured in the course of the virtual experience. The guided path also leads to the collections of the Castle Museums, to the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana and, outside the fortress to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the nearby Vigna di Leonardo.

What story can be experienced within the virtual reality of Beyond the Castle?

The virtual setting of Beyond the Castle takes us back to the 15th century, in an age where the known world was about to evolve and bring dramatic changes:  bows and arrows were soon to be replaced by firearms, the city of Milan was on the verge of falling into the hands of the French, and a new continent, America, was about to be discovered. For many years, Leonardo da Vinci has been a guest of the city of Milan at the Sforza court where, further to be eagerly committed to designing defensive systems, he was simultaneously developing extraordinary art works.

In this scenario the participants are therefore invited to participate in the defence of the Sforza fortress, to discover at the same time the secrets of the Falconiera, the oldest of the castle towers.


Beyond the Castle: info and tickets

Beyond The Castle is an initiative created as part of the activities conceived and managed by Opera d’Arte, a company entrusted with the management of the educational services of the Castello Sforzesco. The experience is held in Italian but, upon request, it is possible to do the tour and experience also in English. To participate in one of the most engaging events in Milan in May for children, a reservation is required. The cost of a single ticket is € 20, while for schools and groups the price is € 9.The Castle also provides the possibility of evening entries, by reservation only and for a minimum of 6 people for the price of € 35. For more information you can visit the website:

We advise you not to miss this amazing event: you will be pleasantly impressed


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