Diego dalla Palma: the prophet of Made in Italy make up

Diego Dalla Palma is one of the most famous and established international make-up artists, and represents with his career and his entrepreneurial activity an authentic Italian excellence.

His professional history, moreover, is the concrete testimony of how success and affirmation can be the result of many sacrifices but also the goal achieved despite a very “difficult” biography.

Fonte: Diego dalla Palma

Life and career of Diego dalla Palma

Diego dalla Palma was born in 1950 in Enego, in the province of Vicenza, growing up in a family in great economic difficulties and among a thousand hardships. But, somehow, he is a predestined, so much so that, in 1968, he decided to follow his vocation, which led him to take the path of drawing and make up

So he moved to Venice to attend the Art Institute, then began to work as a set designer and costume designer in Milan. Between 1968 and 1968, he worked as a costume designer at Rai, beginning to approach the television world. Later, he obtained a specialization as a make-up artist, earning the definition of “prophet of make-up made in Italy”.

In 1978, he inaugurated in Milan the image laboratory Make Up Studio, then launching his cosmetic line “Diego dalla Palma Milano”. His career has continued in a constant crescendo of affirmations, which have also led him to sign several makeup manuals, to conduct television and radio columns, and also trying his hand at journalism. 

Fonte: Diego dalla Palma

Diego dalla Palma as a TV personality

In recent years, he has also established himself as a columnist in several television broadcasts, thus consecrating himself as a public figure. Among the published books, stand out A nudo, the book in which Diego Dalla Palma tells in more detail about his past, Accarezzami madre, and The inner beauty. In January 2022 the make up artist will conduct “Unica“, the entertainment tv show brand, during which he will meet as many protagonists of the entertainment world that, rediscover themselves through the story of their personal story.

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Diego dalla Palma Milan

Today Diego dalla Palma Milano represents a historic Italian brand, internationally established for the Expertise in make-up, skin and hair care. These elements allow the brand to be a point of reference for all women in the world. In addition, the products from Palma are distributed in many stores around the world, thus offering, from Paris to Beijing, from New York to Copenhagen, Italian excellence in the name of quality and creativity.

Fonte: Diego dalla Palma

Featured image: Diego dalla Palma

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