Day trips in Veneto: the Berici Hills, among nature, history and tradition

After the difficult circumstances that the world as a whole has had to deal with in the last year and a half, the desire to reset far from home has become a priority for most. 

Then why not plan an alternative vacation, opting for adventurous day trips in Veneto, where to discover magic places as Berici Hills, in the heart of which you will have the opportunity to visit several beautiful historical sites, among which stands out the Casa Rupestre?

Day trips in Veneto: some information

The Berici Hills, also called Berici Mountains, are a group of mountain reliefs which originated millions of years ago, upon which rises the beautiful town of Vicenza and represent the perfect destination where to spend a relaxing holiday in touch with the tradition that has always been characterized the Veneto region.

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They are also a go-to place for those who love enjoying natural beauty from their mountain bikes or by taking a walk along the many paths immersed in nature. In addition to the famous Casa Rupestre, those who make this area their destination for the holidays have the chance to discover many other sites, both interesting and one of a kind.

It would be impossible to not mention Lake Fimon, locals’ favorite destination, set in a recess among these hills, also Villa Capra, developed in 1570 by Andrea Palladio and Villa Barbarigo. In a region such as Veneto, which boasts important wines and wineries, you cannot miss a walk on the wines’ road to know and taste the delicious reds produced in the Vicenza area.

Day trips in Veneto: Zovencedo and the Sengia dei Meoni

Continuing with the topic of excursions in the Veneto region, right in the heart of the Colli Berici you will find Zovencedo, which is part of an important site that features woods, valleys and karst caves: how exciting to discover Cice Cave, inside of which you can enjoy the Museum of Stone and the Casa Rupestre – Sengia dei Meoni.  

But that is not all, because walking the many paths that mark the area of Zovencedo it is possible to admire unspoiled landscapes so breath taking, where you will be able to see many old washing fountains as well as old abandoned caves, called priare. Unmissable: 

  • Fontana del Monte
  • Fontana del Borgo
  • Fontana dei Trotti
  • Fontana di San Gottardo
  • Fontana delle Donne
  • Fontana delle Piane

Visiting the Sengia dei Meoni

We have arrived at one of the jewels of the Berici Hills and a must-see stop when on a trip in the Veneto region, Casa Rupestr absolutely worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Who would not, at least for a second, want to close their eyes and be transported back to the time when the life of farmers flowed slow?

The Sengia dei Meoni takes its name from the last family who lived in Casa Rupestre. It is a stone cave located along the Altavia dei Berici, from which the Vicenza stone was once extracted. An extraordinary and fascinating place, inside of which this characteristic house was developed and in which time stands still.

The Casa Rupestre


Once arrived in front of this peculiar building you will see that it is a two-story house with an entrance, a kitchen with a fireplace and a what would have been a sink of the times (secchiaio), whilst on the first floor is where the night area is. Casa Rupestre was abandoned after a fire caused by a lightning (which made its way into the house through the chimney) and was restored to its former glory by the town of Zovencedo in 2013, which tried to keep the building as close as possible to the original, using vintage furniture.

Enjoying day trips in Veneto means rediscovering the beauty of nature and of tradition all of its most beautiful forms and the Berici Hills are testament to all of this. 

Featured image: Corriere del Veneto

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