The Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin (GAM)

The Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin, also called GAM, is one of those places which all lovers of art history and in particular lovers of contemporary art will be able to appreciate it. Here you will find various types of artwork that touch many issues such as speed, ethics, nature, not to mention the sublime collection of Ettore De Fornaris famous patron of the time.

The origin of the Gallery

So, if you’ve decided to spend some days in Piemonte and you still do not know what to do in Turin, a visit to the place considered one of the most beautiful art galleries in Italy is a must.

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin was founded in 1891 and in the beginning hosted only art collections of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It later gained more success and reputation, so much so to be part of the Torino Musei Foundation together with the Museum of Oriental Art (MAO), the Borgo and the Medieval Fortress and Palazzo Madama and Casaforte degli Acaja.


The rich collection

Until 2009 the collection present in the GAM of Turin followed a traditional chronological order. However, from that moment onwards it was decided to give a different edge to the works, reorganizing according to a logical plot of View, Kind, Infancy and Speculation.

The showroom design was the subject of numerous studies and research that ended only in 2013 when, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the collections, the journey was completed with: Infinity, Speed, Ethics and Nature.

To date, the gallery’s heritage boasts a collection of over 47,000 paintings, sculptures, installations and videos. Ground floors are also dedicated to art and culture, so that you can take part in exhibitions of a certain depth.

How to get there

You will have realized that among the things to visit in Italy, the Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin is a destination that we definitely recommend. Here, in fact, you will have the opportunity to touch with hand the artistic evolution of man right up to the development achieved in  recent times.

But how do you reach this Art Gallery? It’s simple: I’ll explain! If you are in the city center, you can reach the GAM of Turin from the Re Umberto M1 stop of the Torino Metro, it can also be reached from the Turin City Airport.

What else to do in the city

Piemonte is a region with a remarkable culinary tradition. Once you get to this magical land, I suggest you try the local cuisine and especially some dishes:

Les Ravioles – first dish made with potato gnocchi with cheese and seasoned with local melted butter 

Polenta concia cruzetin – Polenta with sour gnocchi made from rye flour.

If you want to go right up to the Alps, you might want to consider the idea of ​​visiting Chianale. It is an ancient hamlet located at 1800 meters altitude, in the province of Cuneo, in Piemonte. Especially suggestive in the winter, it will seem like being in a small nativity.


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