From Canfaito to Elcito the most beautiful foliage of the Marche

The autumn period in Italy offers wonderful natural shows like the beautiful foliage delle Marche. In this region the numerous plants present offer the opportunity to see incredible colors. This is one of the most photographed natural phenomena in the world.

Here you can find out what the detail is and where you can see it. You will also get to know a wonderful excursion through the woods of these territories to discover


Foliage of the Marche: what is it and where to see it?

You should know that the Marche<foliage is that phenomenon that affects the leaves before falling from the trees of this Italian region. These with their incredible colors create landscapes that look almost enchanted. In fact, the leaves change from a changing green to an increasingly yellow color.

The play of colors creates a magical atmosphere not to be missed. The surrounding landscape is transformed and becomes like a painting. In addition, the phenomenon occurs slowly and in different modes depending on the tree. If you are wondering where you can admire the foliage of the Marche you must know that there are many woods and vineyards where you can enjoy this show. 


The Park of Monte San Vicino: discovering the most beautiful foliage of the Marche

One of the natural areas where you can admire the foliage of the Marche is the youngest reserve in the region, established in 2009. This is the park of Monte San Vicino and Canfaito in the province of Macerata.

This is a magical place in the Marche where nature dominates unchallenged about a thousand meters from sea level on a large plateau at the foot of Monte San Vicino. Inside the Caanfaito beech is the oldest beech in the region.

Here there are also two other beeches slightly younger. Walking in these woods is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy the magnificent show of the foliage of the Marche.


Foliage of Marche: excursion from Canfaito to Elcito

To admire the foliage of the Marche in these places you can take a hike through the woods that connect Canfaito with Elcito. This is one of the most beautiful villages in the region of Marche. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view over the entire valley.

Through a path you will walk among the beech and fir trees of this nature reserve and you will be able to appreciate the wonder of the colors of the leaves in the autumn season. Once you arrive at your destination you will appreciate one of the wonders of this place, the castle of Elcito.

This is perched on a rock spur and is a medieval fortification and was built to defend the 9th century Benedictine Abbey of S. Maria di Valfucina. Finally you should know that the walk from the plateau of Canfaito to Elcito to discover the most beautiful foliage of the Marche has a duration of about an hour.


The most interesting places to see the foliage of the Marche

But that’s not all, in fact there are many woods and vineyards where you can admire the show of foliage of the Marche in autumn. One of these is located in the center of Italy and precisely on the Monti Sibillini.

Even the Val di Castro is an interesting place with beech and chestnut trees wanted by the monks of the nearby abbey. Another natural reserve where you can admire the foliage of the Marche is that of the Gola del Furlo.

Finally, the mountain overlooking the riviera of Conero offers wonderful views during the autumn season. Also here you can also see the beautiful spectacle of the vineyards of Conero whose leaves are colored red

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