Find out the best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer

Despite summer being almost over, evenings are still mild and the climate makes you want to have a refreshing drink. To accompany your end-of-summer dinners, Italian Traditions is here to suggest you the best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer. In this brief guide you will be able to know the main aspects that characterize this particular kind of wine and what are main differences between prosecco and sparkling wine.

The best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer: which ones?

Prosecco is one of the most exported Italian wines. It is a white wine that has the Denominazione di Origine Controllata seal and is produced in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. One of the most common mistakes is that of considering it a sparkling wine. In fact, not all types of prosecco are made with the same production process and generally speaking it is a white wine. The vine at the foundation of this wine is the glera, typical of this region. According to the production process carried out, one can distinguish three different kinds of prosecco wines:

migliori prosecchi estivi italiani-italiantraditions
  • Spumante prosecco
  • Sparkling prosecco
  • Still prosecco

The latter has that typical yellow-y color and it usually accompanies entrees and first courses. The first two kinds have in common the use of carbon dioxide developed as result of the fermentation process. In order to be considered DOC, the prosecco must be produced in only nine provinces. Among these are: Venezia, Trieste, Udine and Padova. There are also Vicenza, Belluno, Gorizia, Pordenone and Treviso. In these provinces you can certainly find the best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer.

The difference between prosecco and bubbly wines

If you are searching for the best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer during your dinners with friends, you will certainly want to know the main difference that there is between a spumante and a sparkling prosecco, which is the pressure to which they are exposed once bottled. In fact, the sparkling kind produces much less foam when the bottle is uncorked. The refermentation process carried out to produce the prosecco spumante is unique and known with the name of its inventor, Martinotti. The spumante is produced by adding yeast and sugar to the wine to then leave it to ferment in stainless steels barrels or bottles. Prosecco, to be considered as such, must comply with specific requirements. First of all, it is about the type of grape that can be used and the region in which it can be produced.

The best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer, for unforgettable dinners

the best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer -Italian-Traditions

Are you looking for the perfect prosecco wine to accompany your summer dinners? Here a roundup of the best Italian prosecco to drink at the end of summer that we recommend you to taste. To choose which one is certainly hard and there are a few aspects to be taken into account. One of the most interesting also from an historical point of view is Valdobbiadene Brut Nino Franco. This wine business has over 100 years of expertise and is part of some of the most memorable chapters in the history of prosecco making. With a subtle taste, it has notes of citrus fruit.

Another ideal candidate for hot summer nights is the Astoria Corderie. It is produced in the hills that go from Valdobbiadene to Treviso. Its processing takes place through the Charmat method. Another top prosecco is Villa Sandi. This wine particularly fresh and fruity and because of this it is perfect to fight the summer heat. It is a vintage prosecco that you have to try, and it too is produced with the Charmat method. Very interesting is the Graziano Merotto Prosecco Valdobbiadene, that comes with a cool aroma and hints of apricot, peach and yellow flowers. Finally, among the best five Italian prosecchi is Mionetto Extra Dry, which is ideal for apertifs and fish entrees. It is produced in the Treviso area and its aroma reminds one of apples.

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