All the magic of the antiques fair of Arezzo


Born by the confluence of three of the four valleys that make up the province, the town of Arezzo is one of the most beautiful and best preserved villages of the entire Tuscany.

Located in one of the most popular regions with a rich and lush territory, and therefore inhabited since prehistoric times, dominated by the Etruscans and then by Roman conquerors, Arezzo lies placid surrounded by the hills and valleys that have made Tuscany one of the most-loved region of the Belpaese. However, in addition to its history, its myths and very great personalities who were born here (Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo Bruni and Francesco Petrarca to name only the most famous), Arezzo is home of the largest and oldest antiques fair of Italy. Old, but sure not ancient, the exhibition was conceived and organized by the antiquarian Ivan Bruschi, who, inspired by the famous street markets of Paris and Portobello Road in London, decided to create a similar event in his hometown, which has personally inaugurated on June 2, 1968 in Piazza Grande, on the occasion of Republic Day.

Strong of the great love he felt towards his own city, Bruschi with this gesture knew give life to the most beautiful square in Arezzo, after a long period of neglect and marginalization also because of the bombing of World War II, which had destroyed many buildings and houses. Think that, in the early ’60s, it was also abandoned by its historic fruit and vegetable market on Saturday that had earned, in medieval times, the platea porcorum nickname.

Quite different is the situation today, the Piazza Grande is a candidate along with the historical center to be attached to the Unesco World Heritage List, and the Fair wanted by Bruschi still continues to attract thousands of tourists. Organized every first Saturday and Sunday of the month, with its average of twenty thousand visitors and over 500 exhibitors, the Antiques Fair of Arezzo in fact has not equal on the Italian territory in size and affluence.

Here visitors can take a real blast to the past, allowing themselves the pleasure of discovery browsing through an impressive variety of objects from different ages and for all tastes: furniture, old books, paintings, ceramics, art hardware, Art Nouveau windows, antique professional scientific instruments, watches, silver, jewelry, lace, collections, art-deco objects and pieces of antiques and modern.

Walking through the stalls you can find important collectors and antique dealers, but also tourists and passers, all drawn from disparate curiosities that you can see on the benches placed in the most characteristic places of the old town. A unique experience, on the unforgettable backdrop of one of the most important towns of the Renaissance.
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