Alberona, The country of water

Founded by Byzantines before 1000, Alberona is a Medieval village located in the province of Foggia, Puglia. Marvelously framed by woods and crossed by countless streams and water springs, it offers to visitors an amazing panorama. From its Muraglione, in fact, it is possible to admire the Apulia Tableland, the second most great lowland in Italy, until Gargano and Tremiti islands.

According to the legend, its name would refer to a community of Calabrian people who was looking for refuge to escape from the Saracen raids. The presence of the Templars, the legendary monastic military order can be seen in the Mother Church and the Tower of Gran Priore. The visitor who comes to this special corner of Daunia, characterized by a salubrious and pleasant climate, takes a trip through history, religion and art.

To see

Mother Church – It was erected by the Templars; Although it was rebuilt over the centuries, the bell tower and two paving stones with the symbol of Maltese Knight are still intact.

Church of San Rocco – Civetta Square hosts this neo-gothic church demolished and then rebuilt by the nobles Cassitto. Inside of it, you can admire a wooden organ of the eighteenth century and the statue of San Martino.

Palace and Tower of Gran Priore – Attributed to the Templars, it has been the Headquarters of the Cavaliers of Malta. Today remain only the tower and some of the basements.

Calabrian Arch – By walking through narrow streets, where you can see portals and artistically carved stumps, you arrive to the only wooden arch in this area, well preserved throughout history.

Church of San Giuseppe – It dates back to the sixteenth century; it is very significant, especially for the portal built in Gothic style and a very interesting altar made of stone.

Arco dei Mille – Dating back to fifteenth century, this arch offers a large panorama and invites visitors to discover the monumental structure of Fontana Muta, whose waters run silent and soundlessly.

Antiquarium Comunale – Inaugurated in 2001, this museum holds pieces of furnitures, objects, tools and utensils dating back to the early Twentieth century.

To taste

The products of Alberona are simple and genuine:

Extra-virgin olive oil – Considered as the gold of Puglia, it represents an important attraction for the whole territory. Here, the cultivation and the care of olive groves is a fine art.

Cheeses and cold cuts

Homemade pasta

Lamb stew

Eggs with cicorie

Traditional bread

To enjoy

Patronage Festival of San Giovanni – It hosts a concert with famous Italian singers, and takes place on 29th and 30th August.

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