5 Restaurants with breathtaking views


Given its particular position and territorial variation, Italy has always offered so many emotions for tourist and pilgrims, who throughout the centuries have travelled from afar to visit the Belpaese, its natural beauty and landscapes, which rank among the most breathtaking around the world. Some of these incredible wonders of nature have of course become tourist destinations recently. Among these are the most sought after, but it is not always easy to find them, and it is even harder to actually find good restaurants from which to enjoy a priceless view. Lucky for you, we at Italian Traditions have scoped it out for you, and we recommend five of the most spectacular and romantic tables in Italy.

La Terrazza Portofino

Among some of the chic-est places of the 50s and 60s, as seen in Dolce Vita, the Hotel Splendido is among the most exclusive in the world. Perched on a high cliff that plunges steeply down into a small bay with emerald waters. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the famous Cape from its rooftop terrace, which seems too good to be true, and in the background, there is the Gulf of Tigullio, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Hanging plants and buddnig flowers, guests will be delighted by the typical Ligurian cuisine, from pansoti in walnut sauce to the legendary trofie pesto with potatoes and green beans.

La Sponda  Positano

In the magnificent scenery of the Amalfi Coast, between high cliffs and paradisiacal niches, you can find La Sponda in the small town of Positano, a former manor house that was remade as a restaurant over 50 years ago. In the evening the beautiful blue inlaid terrace with climbing lights and 400 candles, while a mandolin and a guitar fill the air with sweet melodies of traditional tunes. Neither their linguine with clams nor the octopus with Ponza lentils will manage to make you look away from the huge windows framing the romantic sunsets behind the famous dome of the Church of the Assumption.

Belvedere – Ravello

“An incomprehensible landscape, where only the sea is horizontal, and all that is dry land is almost perpendicular”, thus the nineteenth-century writer Marquis de Custine wrote as he saw the Amalfi Coast, and such a perfect description even at the Belvedere restaurant at Hotel Caruso in Ravello. Hovering at 350 meters high on a cliff overlooking the sea, surrounded by olive groves and lemon gardens. Suspended between sky and water, with Norman arches and eighteenth century frescoes you’ll find yourself enjoying some of the most delicious dishes that the Campania cuisine has to offer, including tonnarelli with buffalo ragu and lemon pesto from the coast.

Timeo – Taormina

Set on at the beautiful position of the Cape Taormina, in the stretch of coastline that meanders spectacularly all the way to the Riviera of the Cyclops, where the snow-covered Etna surrounded by almond trees in bloom is the backdrop to the spectacular sunsets in Sicily. Here you can find the Timeo restaurant in Taormina. Whether you get fancy ravioli with wild asparagus with ragusano or norma sauce, or macaroni ferreto, the haunting beauty on this terrace will make it seem as though time has stopped.

Monte Turri – Tortolì

In this primitive corner of Sardinia, in Ogliastra, called the “most beautiful province in Italy”. Among rocky cliffs and emerald waters, postcard caves and blue colors of the Mediterranean, lies the exclusive Arbatax Park Resort. It consists of eight different hotels among olive and myrtle groves of the Bellavista Nature Park. It consists of 40 hectares of wilderness inhabited by wild boars, donkeys, sheep and deer, is the restaurant Monte Murri, where guests can enjoy a full immersion in the local flavors, proudly represented by malloreddus, the typical Sardinian gnocchi, and culurgiones, delicious ravioli stuffed with pecorino cheese or potatoes and mint. The best that the magical and wild island has to offer.


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