19 March, Saint Joseph and Father’s Day in Italy

Father’s Day in Italy is celebrated on March 19 while in the rest of the world the dates vary. In Italy and in countries of Catholic tradition, the father is celebrated on 19 March, a date that coincides with the day dedicated by the church to Saint Joseph, while in the Anglo-Saxon countries it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

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Italian traditions takes you to the discovery of this holiday by telling you its origins>, passing through the traditional sweets dedicated to the father figure to get to the typical Italian traditions related to this day.

The origins of Father’s Day

The religious cult of the figure di San Giuseppe is very ancient and was born in the East in the early Middle Ages and then spread already in the fourteenth century in the West. On 19 March, the day the saint left his earthly life, he was inserted in the calendar of festivities by Pope Sixtus IV in 1479. Years later, Pope Pius X elevated him Saint Joseph to the rank of Patron Saint of the universal Church.

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Father’s Day in Italy

In Italy since 1968 the 19 of March is celebrated Saint Joseph, putative father of Jesus Christ. Among the flowers symbol of this holiday we find the roses. If the parent is still alive, the roses to bring as gifts will be red, on the contrary white.

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There are also two traditions that characterize Saint Joseph and Father’s Day in Italy: those of the lighting of the bonfires – it is just mid-March, In fact, the time of year when in antiquity the residues of the crop of the fields were burned – and the typical sweets prepared on this occasion and which are called Zeppole di San Giuseppe.

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What to give for Father’s Day?

The dad is always the dad: whether he is sweet or a little gruff, he is there at our side on every occasion, determined to support us with all his strength, ready to save us even when we become adults, a bit like Superman, but without the red cloak. But what can we give our superhero on this special day? Let’s see together the most beautiful and original ideas.

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  • A personalized book, where children can draw the family, describe the dad and write what they love about him, without shame and language. A new suitcase for the job. There are many models, including modern, classic and vintage suitcases. A reusable bottle for the dad who travels up and down, by train or car, and who maybe needs coffee along the way.
  • A nice soft leather wallet to stick inside a small family photo, just to remind him that you love him.  
  • >A bottle of wine for dads with a slightly more refined palate
  • T-shirt by grandfather, well yes, because a father can also be a great grandfather, and usually tend to be so particularly enthusiastic.

Traditional Father’s Day sweets

One of the desserts traditionally prepared for Father’s Day in Italy is le Zeppole di San Giuseppe. The recipe for lanbsp;<>strong preparationnbsp;of these pancakes varies from region to region. It is a traditional dessert of Italian cuisine whose traces date back to Roman times.

Zeppole di San Giuseppe al forno - la Ricetta di Davide Zambelli
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In the capital, the zeppole are traditionally fried, while in northern Italy the cake that is prepared to celebrate Father’s Day is the raviola: a wrap of pasta stuffed with jam or fried cream and made crispy. In Sicily, however, every dad brings the Sfince di San Giuseppe, succulent crushed pancakes.

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However and wherever you celebrate it, the father always remains a fundamental figure in the life of all of us, but what better opportunity to delight and pamper him with many typically Italian delicacies than on the day of his holiday? Now that you know when Father’s Day is held in Italy you just have to taste one of the traditional desserts prepared throughout Italy.

P.s. Happy birthday to all dads!

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