What to do for New Year’s Eve in Italy? 5 great ideas

I’m sure that, already  at the end of  summer, together with your friends, you have started wondering what to do at new year’s eve if you’re staying in Italy! For you and for all those who are looking for some ideas to spend the end of the year in a unique way, here are some answers.

Visiting Italy is always an excellent idea, so why not take advantage of the winter holidays to do it? If you’re wondering what to do in Italy on December 31st you’re in the right place.

Some ideas for an all Italian New Year’s Eve

We have in fact thought of 5 fabulous ideas to start the new year in a special way. These should please everyone, both those who want to discover new Italian cities and those who love their country to the point of wanting to stay at home for the last day of the year.

  1. New year’s eve on the snow

It is a great classic that never bores the Italians. Spending the last day of the year wearing a pair of skis is an idea that continues to please many. On the other hand, what’s better than staying in a beautiful hotel with a snowy view for a white start to the year? Considering also the possibility of having a pleasant fireplace right in your room that will give you some wonderful relaxing hours.

  1. New Year’s eve at the spa

More and more young people choose to spend the last day of the year in a wellness center being pampered with relaxing massages and spa treatments. Here you will have the chance to regenerate yourself to face the new year at your best. In the  jacuzzi or a whirlpool you can decide to wait for midnight while you are comfortably relaxed in the tub.

  1. New Year’s Eve among art and culture

 Even the idea of ​​spending the first day of the year between museums and cultural centers is among the most popular ideas of the moment. Hardly any queue at the ticket offices and silent rooms are elements of great attraction for art lovers. In Italy the artistic cities certainly aren’t lacking and you will be spoiled for choice. Moreover, many museums have chosen to stay open the first day of the year so as to allow visitors from all over Italy to visit the exhibition rooms.

Cosa fare a Capodanno, What to do at New Years Eve

  1. New Year’s Eve clubbing

There are still a considerable number of Italians, especially the very young, who like to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a club. Being surrounded by music and dancing until the first light of dawn is still one of the best ways to spend New Year’s eve, especially when you are in the company of a group of friends.

  1. New Year’s Eve at home

Despite the saying “Christmas with your family and New Year’s Eve with whoever you want”, many Italians love to greet the new year remaining at home with their loved ones. Many Italian families, in fact, have carried out for years the preparation of a traditional new year’s eve dinner in which the main dish is the inevitable cotechino with lentils.

After having dinner, it is a custom to play cards or other traditional table games. At the stroke of midnight, we exchange greetings while sipping sparkling wine as a good omen.

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