Piero Pizzi Cannella with Susanna Orlando: the East and Eros in the capital of contemporary art

In Pietrasanta until 14th January, the artist’s solo exhibition in 11 graphics

Visual impact is the artist’s signature, one of the most creative minds in  Pietrasanta which is in effect the Italian capital of contemporary art: an extraordinary setting, with shades of grey, red passion curtains, and light as a  true protagonist. This is the frame of the eleven Pizzi Cannella graphics exhibited by Susanna Orlando in the Shunga exhibition, inaugurated on December 8th.

The artist’s interest in the East and oriental aesthetics stems from her consideration of Japanese art as a mysterious but at the same time precious language  which opens the mind to imagination.

In fact, the artist does not tell us a story but a fairy tale, a refined collection of works that describe the figures of oriental lovers as in a dream because they are eternal.

Piero Pizzi Cannella da Susanna Orlando, Oriente, Eros, italia, italy,

The shunga strike for their boldness, represented however with delicacy and invite the user to enter the heart of the work. These daring images possess a force that goes beyond the scene represented, combined with sinuous and refined lines. In this way Japanese lovers become witnesses of the sensuality of painting, so eros becomes art and art becomes eros.

Love, also recounted in the most daring eroticism, therefore rises to a sort of sacredness. This is the ideal scenario from which shunga is born and one of the secrets of its refinement, essential elements in the work of the Roman artist, whose strong emotional charge is able to make our soul vibrate.

The precious collection of engravings leave  the  folder and are presented in the style of the gallery in a dedicated setting where the works merge with precious fabric of the historic Venetian Rubelli manufacture. A perfect combination where the warm red of the cloth and the sign of the master create a single love song.

The exhibition ends on Sunday, January 14, 2018.

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