Leather Shoes, 5 Ways Steps to Taking Good Care of Them


When thinking about Italy one thinks its undeniable style that immediately makes you think of elegance, sophistication and good taste born from a culture of fashion and beauty that is unmatched at a worldwide level. It is for this reason that Italian shoes are some of the most desired among gentlemen around the world, and brands such as Tod’s, Geox, Elsa Schipparelli, Ferragamo, Gucci and Prada are among the leaders in footwear around the world.

Uniquely crafted, of high quality that is obtained by working the leather according the honored traditions that have been implemented for centuries. It is precisely because of their uniqueness that they deserve to be neat and clean. In short, maintenance is required if you want to show off your perfect and pristine leather Italian shoes. Here are the five valid practical tips to follow at least twice a year at the end of each season in order to take care of your Made in Italy footwear:

1) Firstly, the shoes should be brushed off vigorously. Next, apply a shoe polish (the best ones are made with beeswax) to choose strictly based on the color of the shoe, paying close attention to the neutral ones, which can get marked easily. Then, store them in a shoe rack, leaving the polish on for the entire time for which the shoes “hibernate.”

2) At the beginning of the season, it will then be necessary to remove the gloss. The process is to be carried out preferably with a horsehair brush. Remember to never use a black brush on brown shoes, since the effects would be devastating.

3)At this point it would be appropriate to wipe the shoes with a soft cloth to shine them. It’s worth mentioning that the shoes are not to be polished every time  you use them. Excessive care threatens the leather and can ruin it, but just a soft brush up with a cloth every six/seven times that they are worn is enough, and the same goes for polishing.

4) After polishing it is then necessary to remove all the old polished so to speak, in order to clean the leather better and remove any accumulating layers of cream that tends to become opaque.

5) Finally, suede skin shoes deserve a special mention. They are soft and velvety, so in reality the process is even easier and more simple: use a brush and a spray that is applied every 4/5 times they are used, and if at the end of the season the shoes appear dirty, then it will be necessary to apply a specific shampoo for this type of leather.

This way you can be sure to always show your stylish footwear Made in Italy as if it were brand new, and you will feel as though you are an ambassador the unique and recognizable style of the Belpaese.

 Get far with Italian style. Luxury at your feet, for who isn’t ever willing to give up class. Walk with us towards the discovery of the IT5 of the week.
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