Lake Scanno, the heart of Abruzzo

Lake Scanno

Abruzzo is one of the greenest regions in Italy. It has a rather particular geography. On one side the Abruzzo is closed by the Apennines, while on the other it overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

Inside alternate landscapes of all kinds, from the long beaches of the famous seaside resorts to ski resorts that attract skiers from all over the Center and South Italy.

And of course there are places to spend days in close contact with nature and the centuries-old tradition of this region, such as Lake Scanno and the homonymous municipality.

The history of this place

Scanno is a small town with just over 1500 inhabitants. Despite this, it is a very lively country, where the inhabitants still retain their authenticity. In summer many tourists choose to spend the beautiful days in this area, attracted by the serenity and proximity to nature. Yet we must not forget that Scanno has a very ancient history.

In fact, it seems that the first traces related to the human presence date back even to the Paleolithic. Probably it was the proximity of the lake, with its water reserve and the flourishing vegetation that surrounds it, to ensure that the area has been constantly inhabited, despite the fact that various dominations have alternated: from the Romans to the Lombards, until the feudal era that saw the succession of several local lords.

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Getting to know Lake Scanno

Lake Scanno is part of the territory of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, a protected area that includes many places around the borders of these three regions. It is a lake of glacial origin, which was formed following the end of the Pleistocene. Given its origin is positioned rather high: it is located 922 meters above sea level.

The lake is swimming, so in the warmer months it is not uncommon to find people on its shores, busy bathing or having fun with canoes and pedalos. Sports activities can be practiced throughout most of the year. If you want to spend a pleasant day you do not need to take a bath, but you can explore the coast by walking or cycling.

You can get to the lake very easily starting right from Scanno. Are a few kilometers by car, on a road that crosses the surrounding woods.

From the faunal point of view you can admire many species of local animals. Among the mammals stand the Marsican bears and the Apennine wolves, while among the birds are noted mallards, owls and eagles.

Walking through the village

When you arrive in Scanno stop, park your car and start walking through the village, crossing its streets and going up and down its streets. Time seems to have stopped, and you will be able to rediscover the wonders that our Italy can offer even in the smallest and oldest villages.

A wonder that also struck the famous Dutch artist Escher. During one of his travels he got to know Scanno, and was enchanted by one of his alleys, to the point of deciding to portray him in one of his works. The alley still exists: it is called vico Ciorla, but for everyone it has now become “the alley of Escher”.

Speaking of art, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the Church of Santa Maria della Valle, guardian of a centuries-old history. The building today shows a face sixteenth, but in reality the structure has existed since the Middle Ages. Experts will easily notice the typical traces of some changes after the Renaissance, small details that have made the church the wonder that is still today.

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The culinary tradition of Scanno

During a visit to Lake Scanno and the municipality of the same name can certainly not miss the opportunity to enjoy some typical local dishes. The tradition here is still very strong, carried on by its proud and proud inhabitants.

Among the most appreciated products there are certainly some cheeses and dairy products. The pastures in the area are mainly occupied by sheep, and sheep’s milk is a fundamental ingredient of many typical products. An example is the black-skinned ricotta cheese, which has its particular color because it is left to mature in the dark. Within the dairy production we also point out the tasty whim of sheep.

Obviously you can not miss the production of local meat, which we suggest you taste directly in the area dedicated to catering activities. They know how to cook their meat in the best way, offering really tasty dishes. If you prefer a good first try the dish known as “sagne e fagioli”.

Reach Scanno

There are many ways to reach Scanno. If you travel by car you have to take the A25 motorway to the exit for Cocullo. From there just follow the road signs and in a short time you will arrive in Scanno.

There is no train station, but you can get off at Sulmona, along the railway Rome – Pescara, and take the bus that takes you to Scanno

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