Discovering Italy’s longest path by bike: the Sentiero Italia CAI

Surely, lovers of bicycles, now that life has started gradually to return to normal, will not want to miss the opportunity to spend their holidays riding their bikes, to discover Italy’s countless beauties from another perspective. Bike holidays, indeed, are a very compelling alternative, provided that you are trained and ready to face uncomfortable traveling, although you will never forget it. Here a few suggestions to plan a nice tour, passing through the many areas of the Sentiero Italia CAI, Italy’s longest path by bike!

Italy’s longest path by bike

The Sentiero Italia CAI (SICAI) represents, undoubtedly, one of the most thrilling experiences for nature lovers, because it gives the possibility to discover the beauty and traditions of ancient villages, parks, regional reserves and authentic natural cathedrals, going through various Italian regions for over 7000 km. This path, in fact, includes more than 500 legs that run through all of the Apennine ridge, mainly relying on already existing paths.

This year, those who have decided to spend their holidays cycling in Italy cannot miss this incredible opportunity provided by Club Alpino Italiano. The President of CAI Vincenzo Torti has shared a beautiful message on the Sentiero Italia CAI official website:

With the project Sentiero Italia we have a dream, that of uniting whole of Italy in one big embrace. Walking the beautiful areas that our amazing country offers us, just off the beaten track.

Vincenzo Torti, CAI President

How does Italy’s longest path come to be?

Sentiero Italia comes to be over 30 years ago, precisely in 1983, thanks to the work of a group of journalists-hikers that later unite under the Association Sentiero Italia. CAI, in 1990, creates this interesting and suggestive walking trail, defining the detailed path, the signaling and all the places dedicated to each leg. Sentiero Italia was launched in 1995 and the many paths that give it life are, today, almost all marked with in white and red and with the initials S. I.

The project of Sentiero Italia becomes the longest cycling path in Italy

Why did CAI decide to promote Sentiero Italia? The answer is simple: relaunch and recover the already defined hiking trail, so as to connect all Italian regions through a path 7,000 km long. This offers the possibility discover all the beauty and charm of the most hidden corners, filled with interesting and ancient traditions.

Source: Sentiero CAI Facebook

The real news is that now you get to on this beautiful trail by bike. On June 2, two groups of cycling enthusiasts and CAI members went on the first bike tour on their mountain bikes. As a result, they have launched a new season of the popular trail not only to be walked but to be ridden.

Thanks to them it is now possible to plan cycling vacations along the Sentiero Italia (until now only accessible on foot). There are 119 stops in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. On the CAI website there are two options that allow to study the full trail, connecting Passo della Cisa with Pescasseroli and viceversa.

Precisely, toward South are 59 stops involving a total path of 1374 km, whilst toward North there are 60 with a trail of 1394 km. The goal, however, is to complete all the areas in the South of Italy in the next few months and the alps section by spring 2022.

So, there is nothing left to do if not get your bike and go on a thrilling vacation, living one of the most exciting experiences that our territory offers: Italy’s longest path by bike!

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