Osteria ai Pioppi, the zero electricity playground

It is located in Nervesa della Battaglia, in the province of Treviso, and is a very special playground: the Osteria ai Pioppi has its own amusement park without electricity, where everything has been handmade.

The air you breathe in this place has a hint of ancient times, when everything was simpler but also more genuine and fun. Let’s find out more about this unique playground.


Playground of the Osteria ai Pioppi: history

The creator and builder of this wonderful playground is Bruno Ferrin who began his project by building an iron swing, in 1969. But the story of his inn begins earlier when, together with his wife Marisa, they decide to open a fraschetta, a small place for the refreshment of traditional dishes.

Bruno fell in love with a poplar on the hill between Nervesa and Santa Croce and decided that there he would build his future. The first opening day was June 15, 1969: four tables, a demijohn of red wine and one of white wine, a few kilos of sausages. In a few hours more people stopped and the inn ended everything: for Marisa and Bruno it was an unexpected success!

This is how the story of the Osteria ai Pioppi and the playground began: Bruno is a man who has always kept alive his childish part and who still has many ideas to build new rides in his park.

As he says himself, he would like to be remembered for giving at least an hour of fun to young and old: and we are sure that it will be so!


Osteria ai Pioppi and playground: more information

A simple tavern, which offers traditional cuisine and flavors but tasty at affordable prices. Meat, polenta, cheese and homemade desserts are just some of the delicacies that you can enjoy at the Osteria ai Pioppi.

Then, all the customers of the inn can make their day even more special by visiting the adjoining playground, famous for not using any type of electricity.

The park is part of the Osteria ai Pioppi and admission is free but is reserved only for customers of the inn. The amusement park is suitable for children from three years old and includes about forty attractions including swings, bobsleigh, cable car, rocking, scooter, slides, lianas and much more.

The areas and attractions within the park are divided by age: there is an area reserved for children up to six years of age, from 6 years old, from 10 years old, from 14 years old and from 18 years old. In addition, the park is always evolving in fact some attractions are under construction!

Access to the park is allowed from 10 am to 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays: obviously, since it is an outdoor park, the time can vary depending on the weather!

Inside the park you can also find many shady areas where you can shelter during the hottest days thanks to the presence of many trees.


The attractions of the Osteria ai Pioppi playground

If the attractions don’t use any electricity, then how will they work? Simple: by the power of those above!

That’s right, you will be the ones to make the rides of this park work, with your strength: initially it will be more tiring than the rides on which we are used to climb in large amusement parks. But here, unlike other places, you can enjoy the fun of the past, in close contact with nature: children can live new experiences, get dirty even a little, and laugh away from technology and modern play.

Playing inside the park of the Osteria ai Pioppi is for all children of today one of the few opportunities to know the way their parents had fun, a simple way of playing that leaves great room for imagination and imagination!

If you are in Treviso, especially if you are traveling with children or teenagers, you should stop at the Osteria ai Pioppi for a great lunch and to spend a few hours of fun in the middle of nature. Before, however, we advise you to check the opening hours and collect all the necessary information: you can find them on the official website of the inn.

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