Gucci, the Italian fashion brand that makes you dream

The most renowned Italian haute couture brands in the world are recognized almost everywhere because of the extreme attention to detail of made in Italy craftsmanship and also because of the unmistakable style they are able to bring to the most important catwalks. Gucci is certainly one of the most renowned maisons on the Italian fashion brand scene and has always been involved in the creation of accessories that embrace every aspect of the fashion world, from clothing to accessories, footwear, underwear and sportswear.

Gucci, a beautiful Italian fashion brand


No doubt, Gucci is one of the most famous and beloved Italian fashion brands in the world. Like many other famous names, Gucci also completely represents Italian style in the field of clothing, accessories and footwear ( Gucci is part of the Kering group, together with other renowned brands in the Italian lifestyle scene, a symbol of Made in Italy excellence around the world.

Gucci: the mission of the brand

Gucci is definitely a luxury brand. Consequently, one of the greatest corporate values is given by the extreme attention to detail of each creation. The creative process that leads from the sketches to the finished product is long and meticulous. The small details, from the finishes to the care of the fitting, are what most characterize every self-respecting high-end product. Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele guides the company’s mission towards the constant search for innovation and quality, redefining the canons of Italian luxury and adapting them to the fashions and trends of the 21st century.

Gucci style: distinctive features

Gucci - Italian Traditions

Among the most distinctive features of the brand there are certainly the monogram patterns and the logo. The Gucci logo is a double capital “G”, composed of a traditional G and another G overlapping the first one but mirrored in the opposite direction, facing therefore to the left and not to the right. The two Gs overlap in the final part and go to make up the classic logo of the brand that is repeated endlessly on garments and accessories in a monogram key of the company. The typical print, distinguishable to the naked eye, is that of the brown monogram on canvas in natural colors with leather details and with applications in green and red.

The icons of the Italian fashion brand

Obviously, Gucci, a bit like all the other very famous brands that boast a long history, presents some “iconic” products that are a sort of signature of the brand. These include, without a doubt, accessories like the Gucci Bamboo and the Jackie Bag. Bamboo is a handbag with a bamboo wood handle, absolutely unique in its kind, often in leather, small but also large and equipped with the monogram with the crossed double “G” logo of the brand. The Jackie bag is instead the bag dedicated to the first lady Jackie Kennedy and has been present in the catalog since the 60s. It is a capacious and practical tote, perfect for everyday use.


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