Events in May in Italy: Il maggio dei libri, because reading is life!

Il Maggio dei libri is a cultural initiative among the various Italian events in May that since 2011 have endeavoured to promote reading, encouraging fans to share their love of books with those less inclined to appreciate reading, with the aim of bringing an ever-increasing number of people to the fascinating universe of books. The initiative is interesting because it aims to make reading “fun,” inserting it into events and cultural or social manifestations, so as to generate interest in those who, normally, wouldn’t participate in an event dedicated to reading.

Il maggio dei libri


Reading can be a fundamental interest for personal growth or a way to escape from reality. Every year since 2011 the Maggio dei libri has been organized to involve young and old alike. It is one of the Italian events in May that aims to spread literary culture and love for books on the territory, stimulating even the most “skeptical” to become interested in reading. Maggio dei libri was created with the intent of bringing reading to unusual contexts, able to create a minimum of curiosity even in those who, by nature or lack of time, have never considered the idea of reading for pleasure. The logo of this initiative is a group of geese ridden by people who are reading and fully represents the claim of the initiative “Vo(g)liamo leggere” (we want to read) and is a very clear message: Reading can give you wings and carry you easily to all the possible worlds described In books. The invitation is always the same: try not to restrict reading only to traditional contexts such as schools and libraries, but create opportunities for reading in public places, shops, gymnasiums or parks.

Maggio dei libri: dates and useful information



Maggio dei libri is one of the Italian events in May which begins on April 23rd, coinciding with the UNESCO’s “World Book Day” and ends on May 31st. The events do not have a fixed date to be respected: anyone can share initiatives with other readers, provided the organized event includes the subject of reading in some way and is kept during the period indicated. The events are organized throughout the national territory and involve the most disparate realities, from urban to socio-cultural. For more information about all the events organized in Italy it is sufficient to visit the dedicated web area. This year there will be an award, the “May book prize” destined to the most creative and innovative events. The initiatives organized for Maggio dei libri are marked on the map and subdivided by region, but clicking on the option “All the World” it’s possible to see all the events organized outside Italy.

How to take part in Maggio dei libri?

Anyone, from private people to associations, institutions and public and private agencies, can organize events to celebrate Maggio dei libri. The events will be recorded in the database of the official website (registering as “organizers”) and can be accompanied by images or explanatory posters. Any event related to reading is potentially valid: Reading groups, books markets, book sharing, cultural initiatives, mixed events between theatre and books or music and books, or even artistic events and much, much more.

Initiatives and social channels


Maggio dei libri includes endless initiatives. The regions most active for the 2019 edition are Lombardy with its 112 events and Sicily, currently with 102. To improve the success of the book related initiatives, the organizers can propose to the visitors the use of the appropriate hashtags #ilmaggiodeilibri and mentions @ilmaggiodeilibri to share photos or reviews on social channels, by tagging the official channels of the initiative.

Now that you know about one of the Italian events in May, all you have to do is get organized with your friends or family and take part in the many organized events.

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