Catanzaro, the city of the two seas

Catanzaro, capital of the Calabria region, is a very interesting city. Since its foundation, in fact, it has been inhabited by very different peoples, including Greeks, Byzantines and Normans, who are responsible for the construction of numerous monuments of significant architectural importance.  

Also known as the “city of the wind”, because hit by the breezes from the coast and the Sila, as well as the “city of the two seas”, since in the beautiful days you can admire both the Ionian Sea, both the Tyrrhenian Sea, Catanzaro is famous for its traditional dishes and its local wines, easily enjoyed in the city. 

But what to visit on a trip to Catanzaro? Here are the unmissable stops:  

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta 

The Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta coincides with the Cathedral of Catanzaro and is located in the historic center. Dating back to 1121, it recalls the Norman period in its architectural style, still clearly visible despite the many restorations made over time.  

Park of the Mediterranean Biodiversity 

The Mediterranean Biodiversity Park is a natural oasis in the middle of the city, allowing citizens to immerse themselves in nature at any time. It is a project curated by the Agricultural Institute of Catanzaro that covers an area of over 610 thousand square meters. Inside you can admire different varieties of typical Mediterranean flora and fauna, make paths suitable for all ages, bike rides and skating.

Piazza Matteotti and Statue of Cavatore 

Located in the historic center, Piazza Matteotti is the heart of Catanzaro as well as the place where citizens gather both during the day and once the evening. From the square you can admire the Statue of Cavatore, which symbolizes hard work: made of bronze in the mid-twentieth century, is accompanied by a fountain and is part of the Monumental Complex San Giovanni. 

Monumental Complex of San Giovanni 

The Monumental Complex San Giovanni, after a long series of restorations, is now shown as an exhibition complex of high prestige: it consists of 20 rooms where temporary exhibitions are organized always different, after being a hospice, a prison, the headquarters of military offices and even a church.  


The acronym MARCA refers to the Museum of Arts in Catanzaro, a multifunctional museum complex that houses art collections, including paintings and sculptures, dating from different eras from ancient to contemporary art.  

Villa Margherita and Provincial Museum

Also known as Villa Trieste, Villa Margherita is the oldest public garden in Catanzaro. Built in the nineteenth century, on the occasion of a visit to the city of Margherita di Savoia, inside it houses a rich vegetation and beautiful avenues adorned with majestic statues, as well as the Provincial Numismatic Archaeological Museum.   

Church of the Monte Dei Morti 

The Church Del Monte Dei Morti, dating back to the early eighteenth century, is a secondary church of Catanzaro but, at the same time, is also a beautiful architectural example of the Baroque style, with its very simple facade surmounted by a statue of the Madonna.  

Corso Mazzini and Bellavista 

The main street of Catanzaro coincides with Corso Mazzini, which runs through the historic center and is characterized by very elegant and well-preserved nineteenth-century buildings that alternate with shops, shops, bars and restaurants of all kinds. The course leads to the Bellavista, overlooking the sea that offers an incredible panoramic view.

Foto : unsplash

Minor Basilica Maria SS Immacolata 

Another very beautiful church in Catanzaro is the Basilica Minore Maria SS Immacolata, dating back to 1254. Mainly in neoclassical style, it has been restored several times over the centuries, so much so that it currently shows several typical Baroque features. [Carriage Back to Text] 

Catanzaro Lido 

Catanzaro is not without the sea and Catanzaro Lido, or Marina di Catanzaro, is the coastal district par excellence. Of particular importance is the promenade, decorated with colorful mosaics, which extends for 2 kilometers and flanks both the town and the beach. On the seafront you can find ice cream parlors and pastry shops, pizzerias, pubs, restaurants and clubs that attract the attention of the local nightlife. The beach, sometimes sandy and sometimes gravelly, is bathed by a crystal clear sea.  

What to eat and drink in Catanzaro 

Catanzaro, as well as Calabria in general, are distinguished by a much admired and appreciated gastronomic tradition, starting from the raw materials coming directly from the territory to finish with the delicious dishes served in taverns, restaurants and trattorias. On a visit to Catanzaro you must taste:

  • morzell, a dish made from offal of veal cooked in a spicy tomato sauce; 
  • tiàna catanzarese, a pan of rice, eggplant, potatoes, peppers and zucchini topped with mozzarella and tomato;  
  • the struncatura, fresh pasta prepared with water and flour and served with spicy tomato sauce;  
  • i fileja, another fresh pasta in the shape of serpentello served with tomato sauce and covered with salted ricotta;  
  • Pitta, a typical Calabrian bread baked in a wood oven.

We highly recommend, then, try a platter of cacicavalli, hard or stringy cheeses, and meats such as soppressata, capocollo and bacon, to be tasted categorically with a glass of Cirò, Greco di Bianco or Donnici. 

And to complete in beauty, you can not miss the sweets: go ahead, then, zeppole, cannoli and pitta ‘mpigliata!

Copertina: Unsplash

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