The most beautiful Italian cities at Christmas

Many people love to spend Christmas in a different city, taking advantage of their working holidays and holidays to discover new places. Alone, as a couple, with family or with close friends, Christmas is always and in any case a magical moment that deserves to be lived as such; but what are the least known but most beautiful Italian cities on this occasion?

Here is a list of alternative destinations to choose, at least once in your life, to spend the Christmas holidays discovering a characteristic and genuine side of Italy.


On top of the most beautiful cities to visit at Christmas is Trento, and for a very simple reason: it is filled with Christmas markets really unmissable. Its historic center, between themed decorations and beautiful architectural monuments, is able to enchant young and old. You can take this opportunity to visit the Romanesque Cathedral and the Buonconsiglio Castle, home of the Prince Bishops and symbol of the city.

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At Christmas, South Tyrol turns white and is the perfect location to spend a few days in total relaxation! In particular in Merano, in the province of Bolzano, there are amazing spas and state-of-the-art ski resorts that, every year, attract tourists from all over the world.

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In addition, the whole month of December is full of events and events: from the traditional Christmas markets, through the parade of Krampus, until the arrival of San Nicolò long awaited by children!


The city of Verona is among the most romantic in Italy and, at Christmas, it is bathed in a magical atmosphere that is simply irresistible. The things to do throughout the month of December are really many, including concerts, exhibitions, tastings of local specialties, Christmas markets and antiques there is something for everyone. Until New Year’s Eve, when citizens gather in Piazza Bra to welcome the new year toasting in company.

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Remaining still in northern Italy, Bergamo certainly does not go unnoticed, a city often underestimated but really pretty on the occasion of the Christmas holidays. Among other things, it is an ambivalent location: there is Lower Bergamo with its shopping streets, the highly anticipated Christmas Village and the beautiful Ferris wheel in front of Palazzo Frizzoni; and then there is Upper Bergamo, with a fairy-tale atmosphere created by its architecture, the evocative lights, the presence of Santa Claus and his elves and the shops that remain open until late in the evening.

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In the province of Vicenza is Asiago, a town located on one of the most beautiful plateaus in Italy; thanks to its strategic position allows visitors to do Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and hiking in breathtaking landscapes and an almost absolute silence

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Just, then, make a trip to the center to admire the Christmas Gardens, ie the Christmas markets of the place where you can buy local products, decorations and handmade gifts. 


Another destination for snow lovers is Aosta: during Christmas it turns into a fairy-tale village, favored by the presence of numerous monuments ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern era.

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Here you can enjoy winter sports such as hiking and climbing, or go around the “Marché Vert Noël”, one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the whole peninsula. 


If you have to choose a city in Emilia Romagna where to spend Christmas, Ferrara certainly wins over all: fulcrum of art and culture, is perfect to visit on the occasion of Christmas to discover the Estense Castle, the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Diamanti.

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The city of Siena is always beautiful to see, at any time of the year, but during the Christmas holidays becomes even more impressive and interesting. The lights set up in its streets give rise to a wonderful show that leads to Piazza del Campo, where every year there are markets not to be missed.

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From the glorious past, Urbino was home to popes, artists and leaders and, even today, its Christmas spirit is nothing short of enviable. Every year, in fact, in Urbino is set up the exhibition “The Streets of the Cribs”: over 60 points of the city, in practice, are populated by cribs surrounded by churches, windows and buildings. Do not miss the Crib of Brandani, kept in the Oratory of San Giuseppe.

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In the province of Perugia is Gubbio, a beautiful medieval village that, if in summer is irresistible, during Christmas becomes simply magical. The main reason lies in the fact that every year it hosts one of the largest Christmas trees in the world that, once lit, starts the celebrations!

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Known worldwide as the “city of stones”, Matera is an absolutely perfect destination to choose to spend the Christmas holidays. In the first place, it is obligatory to admire the Living Nativity of the Sassi di Matera, which involves hundreds of people and, subsequently, you can have fun participating in the many Sacred Events of Advent and the Santa Claus Village. 

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Among the cities bells that most “light” for Christmas falls Salerno that, every year, organizes the event “Luci d’Artista” that illuminates the streets (and hearts) since November. It is a jewel in the crown of the city that, for this reason, is an ideal destination to spend Christmas at its best. 

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For those who prefer the sea to the mountains, Erice is just the best choice: in the province of Trapani, in the western part of Sicily, is held “ericènatale – The Village of the Nativity” from 8 December to early January. Between markets, events and food stands, the streets of Erice welcome visitors in a magical and relaxing atmosphere. 

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Not to be missed, on this occasion, the exhibition “Zampogne dal Mondo” (zampognari from all over Italy gather in Erice carrying on a tradition begun in the sixties) and the “Borgo dei Presepi” (cribs are set up in every corner of the city). 

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