Bellagio, the Pearl of Lake Como

Lake Como brings to mind images of green nature, spectacular landscapes and breathtaking villages. Among these stands out Bellagio, also known as the “Pearl of Lake Como” and considered the most impressive village in the area.

Lake Como, a luxury tourist area famous for the opportunity to admire postcard landscapes at the foot of the Prealps, is an area where you can do many things, including visiting beautiful villages.


Among these is Bellagio, a real treasure on Lake Como, located at the point where the three branches of the inverted Y-shaped lake meet. Its particular position gives it a very particular beauty.

History of Bellagio

The history of this village is certainly not recent: the first presence of which we know dates back to prehistoric times although, the place became a permanent settlement only in Roman times. Indeed, Bellagio was a very popular tourist destination by the ancient Romans. The story tells us that Pliny the Younger lived in a villa in the village where, in addition to devoting himself to writing, he cultivated his passion for fishing every day.

Then, in the Lombard era the village was fortified entirely by raising walls but later arrived the Visconti who took possession of the village.


At the end of the 15th century, Ludovico il Moro gave the village to the Stanga family but after not long Bellagio became the property of the Sfrondati who already owned most of the area. Then, in 1647 a part of the family became Airoldi.

Thanks to the villas built by the families that alternated in the area, in the nineteenth century Bellagio became famous as a holiday resort, one of the most frequented by the nobility of the time. Since then, the village has always maintained its status as a delightful town with royal charm, a must during a stay on Lake Como.

What to see in Bellagio, the wonderful village on the Lombard lake

Bellagio is a village of 26 square kilometers that, despite not present this large extension, offers many attractions to visit. Small but precious, this village is a cultural and historical treasure, a catalyst of elegance and luxury but also a place of social life.

Walking through the picturesque streets of Bellagio means admiring vintage villas and getting lost in green English gardens; in addition, there are several charming hotels really breathtaking.

Would you like to walk among paths and more than twenty hectares of lush gardens? Then, a guided tour of Villa Serbelloni is ideal for you. During the journey inside the gardens of the villa you will have the opportunity to admire Lake Como from different angles and take unforgettable photos.

The visits are allowed only in terms of guided tours, last about an hour and a half and are organized for groups of at least six participants. Villa Serbelloni is currently owned by the Rockefeller Foundation, is closed to the public and is only available for congresses.


Villa Melzi

Located on the shore of Lake Como, Villa Melzi was commissioned by Duke Francesco Melzi d’Eril and built between 1808 and 1810. A beautiful neoclassical villa, not open to the public; however, you can visit its charming English-style gardens, every year from March to October, as well as admire the family chapel, the museum and the temple. Throughout these beautiful gardens you can meet tropical plants, a Japanese pond, an orange grove and beautiful marble statues.


Basilica of San Giacomo

San Giacomo, patron of Bellagio, has a dedicated basilica located in the central square of the town. Frescoes and ancient statues are inside while, externally, you will find the triumphal arch and a bell tower, both wonderful.


Tower of Arts

The Torre delle Arti is a well-maintained building, recently renovated, which hosts temporary exhibitions, among other things the only occasions when it is open to the public. It is located in the upper part of Bellagio, inside the old town.


The House of Flying Bicycles

A Bellagio, in the hamlet of San Giovanni, there is the House of flying bicycles, a truly original private house. The house is now an attraction for all tourists who visit the village but certainly was not born with these intentions. In fact, the owner loved to collect bicycles: at some point, having no more space to store them, he had to start hanging them on the ceiling and walls. And here’s how this nice attraction was born.


The beach of Bellagio

Looking for a cool relaxing break? The lido of Bellagio, then, is the perfect place. It is located right next to the gardens of Villa Melzi and offers entertainment and relaxation, as well as a restaurant. It is also ideal for an evening of music, drinks and fun


A holiday in Bellagio

A stay at Bellagio is really what you need if you want a relaxing holiday, full of culture and unforgettable experiences. To sleep in Bellagio and surroundings, you will be spoiled for choice: this is a purely tourist area so the accommodation facilities abound. Lake Como also offers many attractions that will enrich your stay.

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