На Трентино вино и ароматы маршрут

For all nature lovers, Trentino Alto Adige is the ideal destination: between lakes, mountains, paths and unspoilt places, it offers visitors an experience of peace and relaxation, to live alone or in the company of the most loved ones.

The Lake of Toblino

Among the main attractions of Trentino is undoubtedly Lake Toblino, located at an altitude of 245 meters above sea level, at the end of the Valle dei Laghi. It is just 17 kilometers from Trento (where you can, therefore, stay) and is easily accessible by car.

It is a relaxing destination, which can be visited within two or three hours; it consists of a small alpine lake entirely surrounded by reeds and lush vegetation, so as to be subject to the protection of the Autonomous Province of Trento since 1992 and of strong naturalistic, botanical and ethological interest.

Lago di Toblino, Trentino

Thanks to its lake conformation and its proximity to that of Garda, it boasts a much milder climate than that typical of the Alpine areas, which promotes the growth of plants that, usually, find their natural habitat in Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean areaslike lemons, olive trees and rosemary.

Lake Toblino has an irregular shape and a small bottleneck connects it to Lake Santa Massenza. Its origin is very particular: the river Sarca, depositing alluvial material along its course, has created a natural barrier at the exit of the Limarò Valley, thus giving rise to the small lake. Its size, in fact, are small, but not for this the atmosphere that you breathe loses its magic: peace and tranquility reign supreme and it is really exciting to take long walks on the wooden walkways, admiring the majestic Castel Toblino.

Castel Toblino

Continuing the walk along the shore of the lake, you can reach Castel Toblino, but only after crossing the particular fence that once protected it from enemy attacks.

Currently, the castle is an accommodation facility also equipped with a bar and restaurant, so you can make a stop for an aperitif or a hot meal.

Its origins date back to the twelfth century and its construction took place on the remains of an ancient temple on a promontory, dating back to 200 A.D. and dedicated to the Roman Fates. The present structure, however, is the result of renovations begun in the sixteenth century by the will of Cardinal Bernardo Clesio and the Modruzzo and Wolkenstein families. Its position is slightly elevated, so that residents can keep an eye on the surrounding area.

Castel Toblino, Trentino

The castle is also linked to a legend with a mystical and magical flavor: around the year 0, the lake level was slightly higher, so the promontory was actually a small island to which the inhabitants had attributed a sacred role, so much so as to build the previously mentioned temple dedicated to the worship of the Fates, Roman gods with the gift of being able to predict the future.

But not only: according to another legend, the castle would have been the scene of a forbidden love (and then ended in the worst way) between Carlo Emanuele Madruzzo (bishop of Trento) and Claudia Particella.

The interior of Castel Toblino is open to the public and among its rooms the music stands out, with performances of musical instruments belonging to the ancient medieval court. Not to be missed are also the Wolkenstei cellars, equipped with rooms for the manual crushing of grapes.

Before leaving, it is mandatory to take a walk in the underground of the castle, also wrapped in legend: it is said, in fact, that there is still an underground tunnel that connects Castel Toblino to Castel Madruzzo, as well as a treasure carefully hidden at the bottom of the lake.

The flora and fauna

The favorable position of the lake and its crystal clear waters allow beautiful reeds to grow luxuriantly. At the same time, along the banks, you can admire many plant species typical of the Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean areas, as well as conifers, pines, oaks, olive trees, laurel trees and rosemary.

Sponde del Lago di Toblino, Trentino

There is no shortage of animals, especially lake species such as trout and extraordinary waterfowl such as swans and ducks.

The bathing beach

Lake Toblino does not miss anything, much less a swimming beach! There is no ban on this, so visitors can safely bathe in its waters. Of course, the opportunities for this are reduced to a minimum, considering the cold temperatures spent accompanied by quite dangerous internal currents.

As a result, it is not really recommended to dive, but the bravest can always try this experience, always paying attention to stay near the shore.

The Wine and Flavours Route of Trentino

On the occasion of a visit to Lake Toblino, it can be interesting to participate in the events organized by La Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino: it is an association, which boasts more than 340 members among organizations, production companies, hoteliers and restaurateurs, which contributes to the promotion of the territory and its gastronomic excellence. To do this, we provide visitors with organized holidays, taste experiences and other initiatives constant and continuous throughout the year, which tell the story of typical products such as extra virgin olive oil and cheese, salami and cakes, fruit and vegetables, as well as excellent wines such as Trentodoc, Nosiola and Vino Santo, Müller Thurgau, Marzemino and Teroldego Rotaliano.

The Strada del Vino e dei Sapori is also an opportunity that allows local restaurateurs to confront each other and to enhance the proposals that, every day, are included in their menus; At the same time, it reveals an additional possibility for sellers of native products to receive more customers and make them appreciate what is on the shelves.

La Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino

The initiative includes a real itinerary, traced through the fascinating territory of Trentino, able to move from a Mediterranean landscape to a typical Alpine environment and therefore to offer very different food and drinks. Besides the wines mentioned before, it is also worth mentioning the local cheeses, that is the Spressa PDO of the Giudicarie, the Vezzena and the Nostrano del Baldo, and cold cuts such as Lucanica trentina, Ciuìga del Banale, Carne Salada and Carne Fumada.

Vegetable lovers will certainly not pass unnoticed products Bio Val di Gresta, broccoli Torbole, Slow Food presidium, or in spring asparagus Zambana, to be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda trentino, in combination with traditional Valsugana Spin corn flour and Storo’s own corn.

The main initiatives

The history of the best food and wine products in Trentino also includes the love and dedication of the workers who, from generation to generation, pass on the secrets of such a good and genuine harvest; the best way to discover all this is to participate in the various initiatives promoted by La Strada del Vino e dei Sapori during the year, first of all Gemme del Gusto, which allows visitors to personally witness the «awakening» of nature in spring, and divin October, which for every weekend of the month provides exposure and tasting of the best local wines.

DiVin Ottobre, Trentino

Another very interesting initiative is Esperienze di Gusto, which offers mini holidays of a few days (or only half a day) organized to measure the guest, according to his tastes and preferences, and that take him around the territory of Trentino to discover its gastronomic beauty.

In short, in Trentino you never get bored: between excursions and walks, you can also enjoy delicious dishes and prestigious wines, visit mysterious castles and swim in a lake. What more could you want?

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