Reserva del Zingaro: un paraíso natural en Sicilia

The whole of Sicily is unquestionably wonderful, but there is a stretch of coast that extends from the Gulf of Castellammare to San Vito Lo Capo that will leave its visitors speechless: the Zingaro Reserve.

A protected natural area that offers a succession of beautiful beaches and coves, to which is added a beautiful turquoise sea and sea caves simply enchanting.

Riserva dello Zingaro in barca
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Here is the perfect combination of wild and surprising nature and rural culture to be discovered through museums and traps, symbols of ancient Sicilian traditions and great pride of the territory.

A true paradise especially for lovers of trekking, but also for those who want to live their holidays enjoying the most beautiful sea.

Gypsy reserve and its origins

In the province of Trapani there is a protected natural area overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and called Eastern Zingaro Nature Reserve. It takes its name from the homonymous coast that does not provide a coastal road to reach it.

Its origins start from the latter, which was to be built in 1976 but whose work was stopped by the continuous protests by environmentalists and citizens.

Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro - Luoghi - Italian Botanical Heritage
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This led 5 years later to the expropriation of the area and the consequent establishment of the first nature reserve of the Sicily Region. Today it presents the best nature can offer and is the ideal place for anyone who wants to live an adventure in its purest form.

The only two ways to visit it are by boat or on foot, thanks to the various well-marked paths, which allow you to discover the most beautiful and unspoilt nature, making the holiday a unique and unforgettable experience.

The paths of the Reserve

Within the Zingaro Reserve there are five routes, through which you can reach beaches, caves and museums…a real pleasure for trekking enthusiasts. The first is the Coastal Path, a little more than 7 kilometers long and also the easiest to walk.

Then there is the Half-distance path, a little more challenging, but through which you can admire the most incredible views that this area offers, the High path, which certainly requires a lot of effort, being 17,5 kilometers and finally the Sentiero del Lupo and the path of Bosco Scardina.

In addition, within the Reserve itself you can find several shelters where you can stay overnight or just stay for a few hours.

Sentiero Bosco Scardina - Itinerari Riserva dello Zingaro
Riserva Zingaro

Museums and traps symbols of rural and maritime civilization

This wonderful stretch of coast reserves many other surprises to its visitors, including five museums with different themes but all relevant to the territory.

There is the Museum dedicated to the marine activities (in particular to bluefin tuna fishing), the Museum dedicated to the wheat processing, the Museum where to admire works of interweaving with dwarf palm and other vegetable fibers.

Close the Manna Museum, the one about the flora and fauna and the famous Scopello Trap, a very old building used for tuna fishing.

Alla scoperta della manna nella Riserva dello Zingaro! - Vagabondi in Italia
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Between a dive and the other, enjoying the surrounding wonders, it will be a blast to learn about the ancient traditions of this land, which will surely please even children.

Nearby is also to visit San Vito Lo Capo, another popular destination for Italian and foreign holidaymakers.

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Zingaro Reserve: discovering its magnificent beaches

Walking along the paths of the Zingaro Reserve you can reach the enchanting coves, which will leave everyone breathless! The first beach that can be reached without great difficulty is Cala Tonnarello dell’Uzzo.

More reserved and composed of white gravel is the beach Cala dell’Uzzo, while the one called Cala Marinella consists of only rocks and is ideal for snorkeling.

Practically deserted and untouched is the beach Cala Beretta, where you can relax completely, followed by Cala della Disa characterized by white pebbles.

Escursioni - Passione Blue
Passione Blu

For lovers of adventure, there is the beach Cala del Varo to be reached exclusively by sea, another pearl of the Reserve. To make it even more magical some activities organized at sea to cheer swimmers.

Among these, daily boat trips and cruises in caiacco between Egadi Islands and the Reserve.

In addition to the shelters made available in this magnificent natural area, which does not want to give up comfort can choose different accommodation solutions nearby, where there are hotels, holiday homes and bed & breakfast.

Isole Egadi, dove andare per vacanze da sogno
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The flavors of the Reserve

Among the typical dishes of the territory, surely those who come to visit the Zingaro Reserve must taste the famous cous cous, a dish prepared with cooked semolina and left to rest with fish broth.

Excellent pasta with sardines and caponata, a dish that never fails on Sicilian tables.

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