Ischia y Procida: cultura, mare, relax y gastronomía

Ischia and Procida are two beautiful islands in the Gulf of Naples. Along with Capri, they are the flagship of Campania. Where are Capri, Ischia and Procida located? On the map, they are among the five major islands of the Campania archipelago (together with Vivara and Nisida) and trace an ideal extension of Pozzuoli and Sorrento.

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Visit Ischia and Procida, the islands «sisters»

Ischia and Procida are islands «sisters» but, just like the sisters, they boast common characteristics and distinctive features.

The island of Ischia is larger and has a varied territory. It includes six Municipalities, but the one of Ischia is the most visited because it is characterized by a historic center (Ischia Ponte) with narrow streets, artisan shops and historical monuments (e.g. the Aragonese castle and the Cathedral of the Assumption) and a particular village (Ischia Porto). Ischia is a destination for travelers looking for relaxation and wellness thanks to the springs and spas.

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Procida is an island of smaller volcanic origin, but has a timeless charm. What to do a day in Procida? The narrow streets and alleys allow you to divide between culture and relaxation thanks to churches such as the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo and beaches such as Chiaiolella.

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Activities proposed by the islands of Ischia and Procida

Travelers who choose to visit Ischia and Procida can exploit different solutions according to personal needs. Ischia is bigger, more chaotic and more touristy while Procida maintains a more intimate and genuine approach. In both you can stay in hotel, B&B, apartments for rent and residence.

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Ischia and Procida are dotted with beaches: almost all with fine sand and shallow waters, although there are rocks. The sea of the archipelago with Ischia and Procida is clean and crystal clear, but does not reach the shades of the sea of Capri.

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The scents and peculiarities of Ischia and Procida and the archipelago of Campania are also found at the table. In Ischia you can taste the pasta with seafood, rabbit or swordfish all’Ischitana, the Zingara sandwich, the caprese lemon, the limoncello. Among the typical recipes of Procida there are pasta with the pulp of hedgehogs, rabbit alla Procidana, desserts with lemon cream.

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Not only culture, relaxation and culinary specialties

Procida and Ischia are full of activities not to be missed. If you arrive on Good Friday in Procida you can participate in the Procession of the Mysteries; otherwise you can visit the locations of the film Il Postino or you can explore the nature reserve of Vivara or the nature of Solchiaro.

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In Ischia you can try balneotherapy; you can visit the Fungo di Lacco Ameno; you can try snorkeling in Sant’Angelo; you can go trekking on Mount Epomeo or a horseback ride in Barano D’Ischia. Alternatively you can take a boat tour of Ischia and Procida.

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The distance between Ischia and Procida by ferry is about seven kilometers and this allows you to visit Ischia and Procida in one or two days just to relax on the beach. In this case you can count on free beaches and beaches equipped with lifeguards, facilities, spaces and services also suitable for children.

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Families on holiday in Ischia can bring children in one of the pachi themed fun while if they move to Procida can stop at the library Nutrimenti to admire the plan dedicated to children.

Unmissable events

The two islands host parties and events, especially in summer. Not to be missed on Ischia are theIschia Film Festival, the Festa di Sant’Anna , and the medieval representation of the Festa di Sant’Alessandro. As for Procida, you can not miss the Procida Film Festival, the Sagra del Mare , with concerts, shows, sports competitions and tastings at and the Corricella In Jazz Festival.

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