L’Aquila, одно из самых популярных направлений для лыжников

The winter months in Italy allow you to discover fascinating aspects of cities such as L’Aquila in Abruzzo. The historic center is located in the middle of a plateau 721 meters from sea level and for this reason L’Aquila is one of the highest provincial capitals of Italy.

Here you can find out where is this city among the most important in Central Italy. You will also know what you can see and do during the winter. Finally you will also discover the surrounding territories and in particular the Apennines tourist destination popular pier as well as other destinations in Abruzzo.


Where is Aquila located?

L’Aquila is a city of art and culture located in central Italy in Abruzzo. Located inland, it is at an altitude of 721 and is surrounded on one side by the Sirente and Velino mountain ranges and on the other by the Gran Sasso. The town was built on top of a hill. Legend has it that 99 castles of Abruzzo decided to join to found the city.

L’Aquila is also located in an interesting strategic position as it is just over 100 kilometers from Rome. In 2009, a strong earthquake seriously damaged the urban layout of the city and irreparably damaged the historical and artistic heritage of this town and the nearby villages.


What to see and do in L’Aquila in winter?

The historic center of L’Aquila is undoubtedly one of the favorite tourist destinations of Abruzzo even during the winter months. In fact, the atmosphere is made even more impressive. One of the most famous and important buildings of the city is the Basilica of Collemaggio, which in the past has been the scene of important religious events. In fact, the first jubilee took place here.

Today it is one of the major tourist attractions in the region. Another must-see church is San Bernardino. Inside are kept the remains of San Bernardino da Siena. One of the main peculiarities of this building is inside. In fact, the ceiling was built in wood and gold that gives a magnificent contrast. Another symbol of the city of Abruzzo is the Fountain of 99 candles.

This monument was made by the architect Tancredi da Pentima in 1262 in white and red stone. Its peculiarity consists precisely in the 99 stone masks that cover its perimeter and from which water flows. But that’s not all, in fact in the city there is also an important museum to visit and that is located in front of the Fountain of 99 candles. This is the National Museum of Abruzzo.


Aquila and the Apennines: here’s what to do

You should know that there are many areas in the province and in Abruzzo where you can go skiing during the winter. The region thanks to its strategic location not far from Rome and Naples but also from other important cities in central Italy. The Abruzzo mountains of the Apennines offer more than 400 kilometres of slopes for snow lovers. One of the nearest towns to L’Aquila is Campo Imperatore sul Gran Sasso.

This is considered the first ski resort that was opened on the Apennines. To reach Campo Imperatore you need to take the Gran Sasso cable car that from Fonte Cerreto leads up to 2200 meters of the arrival station. The station consists of 4 lifts and 15 kilometers of slopes.


On the Caporitorto plateau there is another important ski resort of Abruzzo, Campo San Felice. Here there are over 35 kilometers of slopes. Finally, another place in Abruzzo where to practice winter sports is Roccaraso one of the favorite tourist destinations of the Apennines. The ski area has 38 lifts and 147 kilometres of ski slopes.

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