Via dei Terrazzamenti, trekking with a view in Valtellina

Valtellina is a land to discover and there is no better way to do it than walking or cycling along the so-called Via dei Terrazzamenti. Why is it a must?

The Via dei Terrazzamenti della Valtellina is a cycle-pedestrian path that crosses the most characteristic part of the territory in the heart of the Alps.

It starts from Morbegno and climbs up to Tirano, among vineyards, apple orchards, woods, dry stone walls Unesco World Heritage and small historic villages.

The route is more or less seventy kilometers long and can be explored in both directions in any season of the year.


Why is Terracing Street special?

The Via dei Terrazzamenti runs along the sunny side of the Rhaetian side of the valley and is located between three hundred and seven hundred meters.

The pedestrian and cycling path tells the effort of man to make cultivable and productive this steep and rocky slope in a brilliant way: the side of the mountain has been terraced with dry stone walls.

What makes the Via dei Terrazzamenti unique is the picturesque landscape that can be admired from any of the forty rest areas scattered along the route.

Not only landscape. This itinerary allows you to discover historic buildings, churches, sites and villages of great historical and artistic interest.


Via dei Terrazzamenti: stages from Morbegno to Tirano

The Via dei Terrazzamenti can be travelled by MTB bike or on foot by choosing a starting point and a point of arrival at will.

For convenience it is possible to divide the route into four stages: from Morbegno to Berbenno; from Berbenno to Sondrio; from Sondrio to Castionetto; from Castionetto to Tirano.

From Morbegno to Berbenno 

Morbegno is a town characterized by a lively old town full of shops with typical products and craft workshops. Here you can also visit the Renaissance church of the Blessed Virgin of Grace (stage of the Marian Way of the Alps).

From Morbegno to Berbenno there is a distance of twenty-four kilometers in which you can move along the coast of the Ch and meet the village of Dazio and the village of Masino. The route reaches the monolith Prey of Remenno.

To get to Berbenno, then, meet the town of Ardenno, the village of Gaggio and the town of Buglio in Monte.


From Berbenno to Sondrio

The fourteen kilometers that separate Berbenno from Sondrio offer the opportunity to observe the vineyards and dry stone walls that have become part of the Unesco World Heritage.

During the tour you can visit the church of Santa Maria Assunta, the hamlet of Polaggia, the woods that lead to the town of Postalesio and the town of Castione Andevenno Sondrio located in a valley surrounded by vineyards.

A little less than three kilometers from the destination you can stop at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sassella located on a cliff above the bend of the Adda.


From Sondrio to Castionetto

From Sondrio to Castionetto you cover little more than sixteen kilometers and you pass through the hamlet of Ponchiera, a chestnut grove and the municipality of Montagna in Valtellina. Then you pass through Poggiridenti, Tresivio and Ponte.

Just before arriving in Castionetto you can admire the Torre di Roncisvalle (also called Torre di Castionetto), an observation tower belonging to the Quadrio family.


From Castionetto to Tirano

From Castionetto you can reach Tirano along about eighteen kilometers and crossing the Val Rogna stream, the hamlet of Sant’Antonio and Teglio.

Once in Tirano, you can get lost exploring the labyrinthine old town with its alleys and its most famous monuments (the Salis Palace and the sanctuary of Our Lady of Tirano).


Via dei Terrazzamenti by public transport

Morbegno and Tirano (and the main towns along the route) are connected by public transport (buses and trains).

What to eat?

The Via dei Terrazzamenti is rich in villages where there are several restaurants and bars that offer typical local dishes, accompanied by some of the most appreciated Italian wines.

Among the Valtellina dishes not to be missed are bresaola, Slinzega salami, homemade cheeses and bitto, taroz, pizzoccheri, polenta taragna, stuffed sciatt pancakes and chiscioi pancakes.

You cannot leave this land rich in treasures without having tasted the wines produced using Nebbiolo grapes, from Valtellina superiore DOCG to Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG.


Via dei Terrazzamenti: where to sleep

You can stay overnight during the journey to discover the Via dei Terrazzamenti: the various locations of the route offer hotels, B&Bs and farmhouses for all budgets.

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