Спелло, одна из самых красивых средневековых деревень в Италии

Italy is a country full of towns and villages rich in history, natural beauty and gastronomic delights that are worth exploring. Today we discover Spello, one of the most beautiful medieval villages of the peninsula.

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Spello is located in Umbria and is located not far from Foligno, Assisi and Perugia and almost at the foot of Mount Subasio: it is an ancient village that maintains a timeless charm thanks to the historical monuments, the architecture of the city and the narrow streets in bloom.

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Spello: What to see

The village of Spello should be discovered and admired slowly to be able to get completely lost in the history and beauty of the historic center.
How long does it take to visit Spello? A day is enough to visit the major attractions and the most evocative views of the «Splendidissima Colonia Julia» of Augustus.
The surrounded by olive groves hides a village characterized by signs of the Roman and Lombard era, remains of the artistic activity of the Renaissance, flowering streets and palaces in yellow and pink stone.

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What to see in Spello in a day?

Among the things not to be missed is the church of Santa Maria Maggiore with the
suo Palazzo Priorale and its Palazzo dei Canonici which houses the Pinacoteca Civica , which houses paintings, sculptures and frescoes. In the church you can still admire the works of Pinturicchio and Perugino. It is also worth visiting the Cappella Tega with its decorations of Nicolò di Liberatore.


An unmissable stop is the Franciscan church of Sant’Andrea which preserves a marble decoration of the Romanesque period, a crucifix of the ‘400 and a table by Pinturicchio.
Walking in the ancient center, you can admire the walls of Roman origin that form a protective wall marked by various gates (ancient accesses to the city), among which the Porta Consolare (imposing entrance with three entrances, square tower and three statues)The Porta Venere with its towers (Torri di Propezio) and the Porta Urbica (dominated by a tower).

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From Porta Venere you can climb up to the Belvedere terrace , from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the hills. Lovers of history and archaeology can not miss the Villa Romana, the imperial residence rich in mosaics with life scenes, fantastic figures, wild animals and geometric patterns.

Where to stay in Spello: hotel, B&B and other solutions

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy that is worth visiting even for a day but, being close to the most interesting centers, can become the basis from which to live a unique experience in Umbria.
To visit Spello and surroundings there are solutions ready to meet any need for travel and budget: where to stay in Spello? Hotel, B&B, residence, farmhouses, villas and apartments.

What to eat in restaurants in Spello

The town of Spello not only satisfies those who love art and history, but also gratifies the palate of lovers of good food. The presence of olive groves results in a production of olio extravirgin olive oil excellent and profitable while the village and the surrounding area are also known for the black truffle and honey millefiori.

In Spello, the restaurants offer an Umbrian cuisine of peasant tradition: local meats and cheeses;br>preparations based on chickpeas or lentils; pasta alla norcina; with hare sauce; game; omelette with truffle; tozzetti; ciaramicola. Among the most fragrant wines and rich in personality with which to accompany the dishes there is the Grechetto, that is a wine produced using a native white vine.

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Walking in Spello with children

Spello is also a perfect destination for those traveling with smaller . The old town can be visited on foot with the children but, if you struggle to make them walk long or carry the stroller, you can take the elevator under the walls of Via della Liberazione to reach the main street.

Between one visit and another you can stop at the Public Gardens and let the children play with various games while the older ones relax on the benches.
If you arrive at the ancient terrace of Belvedere, then, there is a playground for children in which to let them play freely.

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What is Spello famous for?

The village promises to fascinate tourists all year round, but the best time to visit it is definitely during the Corpus Domini. When to go to Spello? On the ninth Sunday after Easter. On this occasion the streets of the village host the event of The Infiorate: floral paintings and large carpets of flowers color the city waiting for the procession of the Body of Christ.

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In fact, being a highly anticipated event, infioratoros plan the realization of the floral works of the festival weeks and weeks before.
The afternoon before The Infiorate of Spello, the streets of the center are closed and equipped with facilities capable of repairing any rain and wind.

There are made the floral works that make up almost a single and huge carpet of flowers almost a mile long: the scents and colors of each flower of Spello create a unique atmosphere.

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