Обширный: одно из самых завораживающих мест Трабоккского побережья в Абруццо

The stretch of coastline that is located on the Adriatic Sea in Abruzzo is known as the coast of the overflow and consists of some municipalities in the province of Chieti as Vasto. This along with many other among the most beautiful seas in Italy.

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Here you can find out where it is and what you can do and see in these wonderful places of the coast of Abruzzo. You will also get to know the most beautiful beaches of the place and you can learn about the traditional cuisine of Abruzzo. Finally you will also discover where you can stay to enjoy a pleasant holiday in Vasto.

Vast: where is it?

Vast is situated , almost on the border with Molise , in the southern part of the Abruzzese . The city is divided into Vasto Vecchia and Vasto Marina connected by a walk that descends from the hills towards the sea. In fact, the oldest part rises on a hill 144 meters high. The seaside resort of Vasto Marina is located overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Vasto.

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Here’s what to do and see in Vasto in Abruzzo

If you are planning to spend a period of holiday in Vasto you will definitely be interested to know what you can do in this beautiful town in Abruzzo. The families with children have the opportunity to attend the water park of the city with pools and slides suitable for everyone’s enjoyment.

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But not only, in fact this area is famous for the presence of traditional overflows. So you can not miss to visit these wooden stilts used for fishing. Another interesting aspect is represented by the presence of a bike path that runs along the entire coast of Vasto.

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This section of the coast of Abruzzo is also very interesting for the presence of the nature reserve of Punta Aderci where you can go horseback riding, cycling or even walking. Finally, you can not do a sea tour aboard a kayak or a small boat.

Vast: the most beautiful beaches

The coast of Vasto is characterized by the presence of beautiful beaches both in sand and pebbles. So here you can discover the most beautiful places to spend a day by the sea on the coast of Abruzzo.

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The largest is that of Vasto Marina characterized by fine sand and shallow and regular. Also here you have the opportunity to enjoy many services such as accommodation, restaurants, beach clubs and other tourist attractions. This is the ideal beach for families with children.

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The beach of Casarza instead is small and is almost entirely covered with pebbles. Here you can relax your day at the beach even if there are no services available. Another pebble beach is San Nicola. The sea is clear and the seabed grows regularly. This is a particularly quiet and peaceful place. Finally, one of the most characteristic beaches is that of Punta Aderci which is located within the nature reserve of the same name. Here there are natural cliffs that offer visitors a sensational spectacle.

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What to eat and where to sleep in Vasto?

The cuisine of Vasto is the traditional one of Abruzzo with some typical specialties of this area such as the fish broth and the ventricina. This is a poor pork salami with the typical ball shape.

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You can not miss the traditional arrosticini Abruzzo and other dishes based on meat and fish. If you want to stay in Vasto you must know that you can find a wide variety of solutions. In fact, you can choose one of the luxury hotels or a holiday home or apartment for rent. There are also campsites.

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