Монте Матезе — идеальное место для экскурсий по природе

Italy offers many solutions for those who love hiking in nature during the winter months such as Monte Matese which is located on the Apennines between Molise and Campania. This area is increasingly frequented by tourists who like to walk in the green. Here you can discover what it consists of and where the Matese Mountain is located.

You will also discover the Regional Park and get to know the most interesting aspects of these places. Finally you will learn about the different excursions you can do to explore this unspoilt landscape.


Monte Matese: what is it and where is it?

Monte Matese is located between two regions of Italy, Campania and Molise. This mountain range is an important part of the natural heritage of these territories and is now a reference point for those who want to go hiking in nature.

The highest peak of the massif is located in Molise and is Mount Miletto that reaches 2025 meters above sea level. Other important ones are that of the Gallinola to 1923 meters from the level of the sea, the Monte Mutria of 1823 meters and the Monte Erbano that arrives to 1385 meters. Finally there is also the Monte Maio which is the lowest.

Monte Matese Regional Park: here’s what to see

The Regional Park of Monte Matese is particularly rich in points of interest to discover during your excursion. You should know that on the summit of the Matese plateau there are three lakes. This valley is one of the most beautiful in the Apennines. Matese Lake is the highest karst lake in Italy.

Lake Letino and Lake Gallo were created by damming the Lete and Sava rivers. Here you can admire the wonderful natural habitat of the park. Another point of interest of this nature reserve are the two highest peaks that are located in these territories. Are Mount Miletto and La Gallinola that constitute a unique unspoiled scenery. You should know that from the highest peak you can contemplate an exceptional panorama. One of the most significant features of the landscape of Monte Matese is represented by the presence of castles, walls, towers and small villages.


Most of these still retain the ancient medieval structure. Finally another place of incredible beauty of this park are the Lete Caves. These are located just above the dam of Lake Letino. But that’s not all, in fact you must know that this place is also a very popular destination for birdwatchers as if you wander along the uphill paths you can spot falcons and eagles.

Monte Matese: hiking in nature

The Regional Park of Monte Matese is ideal for making beautiful excursions surrounded by nature. In fact, you should know that this area is crossed by a dense network of marked trails that are easily accessible by visitors. You should know that these paths develop mainly from the ancient network of paths used for the transhumance of livestock.

As is also the case for arts hiking trails in Italy, their maintenance and recovery is carried out by the local CAI section. A fascinating and not too demanding hiking path is that of Ponte del Mulino Forre di Lavello. It is a circular route starting from Cerreto Sannita. But that’s not all, in fact another very fascinating excursion that you can do on Monte Matese is the path of the monks that was used in the past by the religious of the convent of Santa Maria Occorre.


The start of the walk is at Piedimonte Matese where you take a slightly uphill road that leads to the convent. Once here you take another path that goes into the thick bush until you reach the source.

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