Масштаб турок, удивительное шоу

At first glance it might seem like an iceberg in the middle of the sea; in reality it is a majestic marl cliff, that is a rock of white ice that, in contrast to the blue of the sea, offers a breathtaking spectacle.

This is the scale of the Turks, in the province of Agrigento, whose main feature is given by the fresh rock and super pleasant to the touch, especially during the typical hot Sicilian summer days. The cliff, sculpted by the force of the wind, has some hollows that lend themselves as perfect natural armchairs on which tourists love to sit to sunbathe and admire the wonderful landscape offered to their gaze. Below, however, , the beach is made up of fine sand.


As a whole, the Scala dei Turchi is an extraordinary place that has a history that well explains the origin of its name: thanks to its location well sheltered from the winds, in the past it was a safe haven for Arab pirate ships (incorrectly called «Turks») , who, once ashore, loved to plunder the villages present.

Even today, although it is difficult and uncomfortable to get there, la Scala dei Turchi is among the most visited tourist attractions not only in Sicily and Italy but, more generally, around the world.

Since the attendance of visitors is always quite high, it is recommended to choose it as a destination in the low season and arrive early in the morning, so you can find parking for the car. At the same time, it is necessary to leave equipped: the path to get to the beach can be crossed by anyone, even by children, but it is recommended to wear non-slip shoes and always pay attention. In addition, the water is always a bit colder than the one that bathes the other Sicilian beaches; that’s why it is better to avoid accidentally falling, since you risk finding yourself frozen!

The beaches

Scala dei Turchi enjoys a very personal beach that can be reached after a long walk through streams and slippery rocks. Once you arrive you will come across a totally uncontaminated place and, therefore, without equipment and shelter from the sun. As a result, those who do not like to walk or are afraid to get hurt can always avoid taking the path and just observe from above, and then move to another beach nearby.


The nearest beach is Lido Rossello, within the bay of Capo Rossello, 3 kilometers from the center of Realmonte. Composed of fine sand, it is bordered by a promontory surmounted by a lighthouse and provides visitors with services and equipment to spend a peaceful day at sea. Of course, in July and August it is always very difficult to find a free space.

Alternatively, you can make a jump to Majata Beach, another fully equipped beach with restaurant or, if you have the opportunity to move a few kilometers, you can reach Marina di Palma, Siculiana Marina, Giallonardo or Eraclea Minoa.

What to see

We must dispel the myth that visiting the Scala dei Turchi is like getting bored (obviously when you are not on the beach); nothing more wrong, given that everything the territory of the agrigentino offers many places to see, discover and appreciate for their scenic and cultural beauties!

First of all the Valley of the Temples, a natural wonder that extends for about 1300 hectares and that includes inside temples, shrines, necropolis, fortifications, remains of dwellings and other ruins survived from the times of Magna Graecia to today. The most important part concerns undoubtedly what remains of the city of Akgaras, that is the original nucleus of the city of Agrigento.


While you are in the Valley of the Temples, it is recommended to visit the birthplace of the writer Luigi Pirandello, who often spoke of his «Girgenti» between the pages of his texts. His home is located within the natural reserve of Torre Salsa, a must see.

Not to mention, then, Selinunte: it is an hour away, but the trip is definitely worth it. It is , one of the most suggestive archaeological sites of the whole Mediterranean, especially if visited in spring, when the flowers color and brighten the hill on which the ruins rise. Selinunte is able to fascinate anyone with its temples that rise majestic and rise to the sky and with its beaches, along with a breathtaking sunset, give romantic moments and simply unforgettable.

What to eat: 10 typical dishes of Agrigento

Spend a few days in Sicily and hope to return home without taking extra pounds is unthinkable: Sicilian cuisine is known, loved and appreciated all over the world , and it is impossible to think you can resist the delicacies offered by bars and restaurants.

Agrigento is worth the same and there are at least 10 dishes that any visitor should taste from the moment he sets foot in the city:

  • maccu di fave: macco («maccu» in Sicilian dialect) is a dish with poor peasant origins that, usually, was served to workers at the end of the harvest. Based on fresh or dry broad beans that are cooked for a long time to get a creamy soup to the right point, it is enriched with vegetables such as chard to make it even more tasty;
  • Cavatelli al cartoccio: consists of a first course of pasta and fried eggplant, with the addition of tomato, basil and salted ricotta. Before serving, its cooking is completed in the oven;
  • Soup of Saint Joseph: also known as «macco di San Giuseppe», it is a soup made of beans and legumes prepared for the celebrations in honor of the Saint, during which it was customary to offer a hot meal to the poorest;
  • «Sicci» soup: cuttlefish soup is well known throughout the province of Agrigento and is prepared/ consumed especially in warmer periods, when the fishing of cuttlefish is richer and recurrent. The dish can be enriched with fresh and tender peas;
  • Tagan: also called «Tianu of Aragon», consists of a dish typical of the country of Aragon and takes its name from the terracotta pan in which, originally, it was prepared. It is usually served on Easter Saturday and is made of pasta with meat sauce, eggs and cheese;
    sole alla saccense: typical dish of the municipality of Sciacca, sole is flavored with citrus fruits and baked in the oven after being covered with a special grating;
  • Sardinian meatballs: they are typical of all Sicily, where they are made by preparing a mixture of sardines, breadcrumbs, raisins, pine nuts and eggs. The meatballs are fried and then served with either tomato or onions and sweet and sour sauce;
  • Sweet and sour rabbit: a must dish of the whole island and served mainly during the degrees occasions. The bittersweet touch is given by the use of red or white wine vinegar and sugar;
Giallo Zafferano
  • stigghiola: lamb or kid guts rolled up on themselves, skewered with a skewer, roasted and served with salt, lemon and parsley from the famous «stigghiulari» that characterize the town squares;
  • u pitaggiu: pitaggio is a side dish composed of broad beans, peas and artichokes sometimes also used as a condiment for rice or as a base for a tasty omelette.

In short, you are spoiled for choice!

Events and entertainment

Who decides to spend a few days in Scala dei Turchi must know that a fun there is never end: the city of Agrigento, in the evening, is transformed into a landmark for nightlife, which winds from the historic center to the coast. There are many choices: wine bars, pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants characterize the central Via Antena as well as the famous seaside resorts which, as a result, host a large number of people at any time of the day.

And for those who love to dance until the morning , there is no shortage of discos: among the most important are Baraka Lounge Bar American Disco, Mambo Club and Noctis. The record, however, belongs to the Boca Club, in Piazzale Luigi Giglia, famous among young people for its exclusive and original theme parties.

Copertina: La Valle dei Templi

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