День Республики: важная возможность познакомиться с Римом

The Republic Day was established to commemorate a very important event for Italy, namely, the transition from the monarchy to the Republic. Every year this anniversary is celebrated on the 2nd June, the date on which the referendum for this purpose was held in 1946.

Of course, its main celebration could only take place in Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and capital of the Bel Paese.

Festa della Repubblica 2021, storia ed evoluzione del 2 giugno - Style

What better occasion to be able to visit the many beauties of the Eternal City and its surroundings, participating in the celebrations organized on this very important day for the Italian people?

There are many celebrations that take place from the morning until late afternoon, to remember one of the most important moments of our great history, now known all over the world.

Republic Day: why is it so important?

On 2nd June 2022 the Italian Republic turns 76 and the celebrations for its «birthday» are ready to make the people and the many tourists from all over the world live an experience full of emotions.

After two years of pandemic that forced to limit the celebrations of the Republic Day to a minimum, it finally starts again and this gives even more importance to the national holiday.

The reason why it is celebrated on the second day of June is because this date decreed the abolition of the monarchy in favor of a constitutional republic through a two-day referendum (2nd and 3rd), on the occasion of which for the first time women also voted.

In 1946, therefore, following the end of the Second World War and after having remained under the Savoy dynasty for 85 years, without forgetting the 20 years of fascist dictatorship, Italy finally says enough!

And since then, this festival has been celebrated as one of the most important, so much so that it has become red on the calendar.

Festa della Repubblica, cosa è successo il 2 giugno 1946 | Gli eventi in  Umbria - Tuttoggi

Republic Day: how it is celebrated in Rome

The ceremonial of June 2nd opens with the deposition of a laurel wreath placed by the President of the Republic at the Altare della Patria, in homage to the monument of the Unknown Soldier which commemorates all the fallen in war ever recognized.

A parade by the various armed forces follows in honor of the Republic in via dei Fori Imperiali, in which all the highest offices of the Government participate. A succession of emotions that culminate with the spectacular performance of the Frecce Tricolori .

Mercoledì 2 Giugno FESTA DELLA REPUBBLICA! Aperti dalle 9 alle 12

Who has never seen, even on TV, the most famous aerobatic team in the world and composed of ten planes delighting in the sky with fantastic acrobatics, in a riot of colors that praise the Italian flag? Seeing it up close is an even more beautiful sight.

The celebrations on the occasion of the Republic Day continue with the opening of the Quirinale gardens, where it is possible to attend concerts by bands belonging to the various armed forces.

Republic Day: an opportunity to visit the Eternal City and its surroundings

This year the feast of June 2ndoffers a full four days of vacation, an unmissable opportunity to attend the celebrations that are held in Rome and visit the most important places in the capital.

There are so many Roman beauties that it would take at least a week to admire them all, but even a few days allow you not to miss the attractions that are among the most beautiful in the world.

Every single monument or site in the capital tells a piece of its glorious history, starting with the imposing Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the oldest centre of Roman civilization.

Then we continue with the Imperial Forums, the wonderful St. Peter’s Basilica, the seat of the Pope and the Vatican Museums to reach Castel Sant’Angelo not far away.

You certainly cannot miss a short stop in the most beautiful squares in Rome, starting from Piazza di Spagna, where the Trinità dei Monti Church triumphs and Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia.

Alla scoperta dei Fori: nasce il Central Park archeologico di Roma

Rome and surroundings

Should there be a little time left, making a visit to some locality close to the capital would be the best way to end the short holiday on the occasion of the Republic Day.

Tivoli and Ostia Antica are just some of the destinations worth visiting to learn «some other secrets» about the ancient Romans.

Alla scoperta di Ostia Antica, il porto di Roma | Il Blog dell'Asino d'Oro
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