Museum reopenings after Covid: an experience between past and future

In Italy, museums have always been a major go-to place for lovers of art and culture: now, after a year of being shut down due to unprecedented circumstances it is time to reopen. The museum reopenings after Covid calls for great celebration as it represents a restart for the country as a whole: so, here is everything you need to know to best enjoy museum tours! 

Museum reopenings after Covid: useful tips 

Let us start by saying that as a result of the pandemic, a major reorganization was carried out, and the same goes for cultural sites which has to comply with protocols put in place by the Italian government. 

First of all, it is important to know that every museum was independent in the adoption of prevention measures, but one thing remains the same: wearing a mask. Furthermore, at the entrance tourists are provided with hand sanitizer and they might have to have their temperature checked.

Here’s another thing: these rules are valid for all indoor spaces, but for museums especially directions have been given to define a specific access plan for visitors, providing all essential information (such as: maximum number of people allowed inside at different times). 

Source: Galleria Accademia di Venezia

Unlike before the pandemic, it is now highly recommended that visitor book tickets online or by calling the facility: in this way you are sure to gain access to the museum and will not risk to not be able to enter due to the rules currently in place. Moreover, some cultural sites offer some discount or online deals to promote online booking thus avoiding having to print the tickets: you will be asked to show them straight from your smartphone.  

In some cases, there might be some limits as to how much time can be spent in indoor spaces and, generally, you will be asked to provide your personal information which will be held for two weeks in order to ensure the safety of all visitors.

A tip: to best plan your trip to museums post pandemic, I recommend checking out the website of the museum you are interested in so that you can have the latest updates on regulations, and finally, online booking could help you save a few bucks. 

Museum visits between present and future

Museum reopenings after Covid was welcomed by many with a lot of excitement: but if a trip to the museum used to be very much connected to the physical place, it is no longer the case, for now museums have started virtual visits. 

An actual journey inside cultural sites to discover beautiful wonders: have you ever thought that technology would prove to be so helpful to culture? In fact, it is possible to check out many collections, right from the comfort of your home and still live an exciting experience! 

You are going to like this: social media profiles of museums have been receiving more traffic than in the past, and for this reason galleries have been working hard to provide online initiatives increasing the contents available.

Musei Covid - Italian Traditions

The future looks promising: a 360-degree virtual experience seems to be in the cards, which will include both a physical tour as well as online contents. It will be possible to visit museums and see collections with a smartphone or tablet, and who knows, maybe in a few years it might be possible to offer tours that use virtual reality technology.

The museum reopenings after Covid could be a stepping stone to eliminate physical distance and offer exciting and thrilling virtual tours, allowing you to visit more than a museum a day anywhere in Italy. A visit to the museum will always be a fun way to spend time with family and meanwhile you get to enjoy the beauty of art, culture, and Italian fashion.

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