Residence Uliveto, The Charm of Abruzzo


The salty smell of the sea, crystal clear with a sweet, warm charm. The wind that sweetly caresses your cheeks and the boundless green nature that leads us to one of the many hidden gems of the Belpaese, a region that boasts and is known for its coasts, pristine mountains and natural reserves. Here in Abruzzo, we find a region that extends from the heart of the Apennines through to the Adriatic Sea, a territory that’s mainly mountainous and wild. It is exactly here, in one of the region’s most beautiful corners that Residence Uliveto stands, a small resort that overlooks the Golfo d’Oro in Vasto, immersed in the splendid Trabocchi Coast.

Projected and built in the 70s by the Zaccaria family, the resort was born from the desire to redesign a new concept of luxury: away from ostentation or an aesthetic end in itself, but as the result of a constant search for the harmonious fusion of ethical values, such as respect for the environment, the protection and enhancement of the territory and the recovery of traditions. The goal of this magical place has always been to have full respect for nature, the land from which it feeds off on a daily basis and of course its guests, absolute recipients of his message and continuous source of inspiration. Composed of ten bungalows that sit under the shade of some olive trees, the resort offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy free access to the sea.

Today the resort is managed by Alfoso Traiano, the owner’s son, who took charge after graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Economics. Founded by his grandfather and then passed on to his parents, today Residence Uliveto lives a new era that consists of renovations and new projects. Italian Traditions has met up with Alfonso to tell you about the story of a project that has a true and profound love for its territory.

How long have you held the reigns  of Residence Uliveto? And how did you approach its management?

I have managed this resort precisely since 2010. Once I finished my degree I actually wanted to work abroad, however, due a family issue I changed my plans completely. In these five years, the experience that I’ve gained working in the field has allowed me to create a solid basis from which to develop a new project I had in mind since the very first day I took over the company. This project will allow me to combine my two greatest passions- that of business management and the love for the place where I was born and raised.

You are the representative of a new company that you founded that involves people who like you, love and want to invest in the territory. Where does this idea come from?

The idea came mainly from the desire to create a tourist reality that was oriented towards the wellbeing of the client that, but which at the same time retained a strong local identity. We believe that the new tourism trends lean more towards a form of “experimental tourism”, where guests want to live and see a 360 degree experience and satisfy all of their senses. We want to interpret this trend by giving all the best that our territory has to offer. The Trabocchi Coast really helps us achieve this because it is full of excellences that are to be voiced.


Your motto is “Vivere locale per pensare globale”  (Living locally to think globally) Can you explain it?

I firmly believe that in tourism, to be anchored the territory is not synonymous with provincialism; moreover, it is the basic prerequisite for creating a highly recognizable touristic supply that can be offered on a global market.

What are the strong points of the new structure?

We want to create a structure that is perfectly integrated with the territory; integration that is on one hand architectural- respect for nature and low environmental impact, and on another social because we want to involve the best human resources in the area, allowing them to express their excellence.

How do you imagine it?

The touristic reality that we have in mind is one in which every element that makes up the organization, even if it requires maintenance and cleaning, is backed by a person with a story to tell, giving the resort an added value. We want to become a reference point for many young people who dare to risk their own land and invest their skills here.

At what stage is the project at?

The project was presented to the competent bodies and is in the process of overcoming the various bureaucratic procedures imposed by law.