Unicorno Agritourism


Along the charming hills of the Lombardy countryside that make up the famous Lake Region, one of the most special regions in the Belpaese. The placid landscape leaves room for breathtaking sunsets that able to steal the hearts of tourists from all over the world. It is mainly for this reason that numerous, countryside farm-stay locations have sprung up, ready to welcome their foreign admirers. One of the most beautiful locations for those looking to getaway to a refreshing natural scene is at Unicorno Agritourism.

Located within an agricultural residence from the year 1500, it is in fact the oldest house in the village of Macesina, a small agricultural village in the province of Brescia, just a few minutes away from the lovely shores of Lake Garda. True to its important past, the imposing manor-house has been in the capable hands of Becchetti family for generations, using only sustainable materials and resources Made in Italy to restructure the core of the courtyard, renovating it in substance but maintaining its original appearance, full of its own charm, making it a zero impact, and indeed self-sufficient building. Available to tourists and nature lovers, at Unicorno Agritourism you can find ten elegant rooms, each with its own recognizable style and original antique furniture, yet all just as equally enchanting.

Moreover, the structure also has vineyards, olive groves and exceptional orchards, which produce oil, grappa, jams and wines, all of which boast zero Km production, and are officially registered as organic. The typical local products with which the Becchetti delight their guests, and dinner in the luxurious fresco restaurant, where you can taste all the dishes of the rich culinary traditions of the region, or tastings organized by the owners to promote their own local products. Among the culinary excellences, the fine Goppello is worth mentioning. This delicate wine is unique in the world because of the particular shape of its narrow and compact cluster of grapes as a knot (Groppo, in fact means knot).

Unicorno Agritourism also has a hot tub of salt water where you can rejuvenate. In the surrounding areas, you can enjoy some of numerous attractions. There is a nearby golf course, a water park called Gardaland, numerous parks, Lake Garda, but also villas, theaters, museums and castles. There are countless wonders that you can visit in the lush green hectares of crops surrounding the old farm. Life at Unicorno farm-stay runs slowly and simply. The relaxed and refreshing atmosphere will make your stay in this ancient court a blessing for both the body and mind, giving off sanctifying powers that refer to those of the legendary mythical unicorn, a symbol of purity and wisdom, and for this reason it was chosen as the emblem of the company. A real treasure Made in Italy, lost among the rolling hills of Lombardy, equipped with all amenities and just a few minutes from one of the most popular lakes in the world.