The 10 Most Enchanting Agritourisms in Lombardy


Lombardy is often remembered for its capital, the gray and hard-working Milan with an international flavor, or for its leading industry in the Belpaese, but its natural and cultural beauty is rarely mentioned. In fact, Lombardy is not exactly a sad, foggy and desolate area, but instead boasts  charming villages, monuments, parks and unique panoramas that range from plains to hills and mountains and possesses a cultural heritage so wide that few other regions can boast the same. Today Italian Traditions will take on a discovery to some of the most beautiful countryside houses in the whole of Northern Italy, a peaceful oasis where you can relax and unwind surrounded by the many beauties of the region of Lombard, charming quiet corners in the green of the Po River.

Bitturelli Agritourism (Mantova)

Lonely and imposing, the Bitturelli Farm lays between the green hills of the Mincio Park and Lake Garda, one of the most scenic areas of the Region. This old farmhouse, renovated with elegance and tradition is also a short distance from Mount Baldo, a perfect destination for hikers, and very popular Amin tourists, with its large swimming pool.

Unicorn Agritourism (Brescia)

Among the most picturesque locations in the Lakes Region, Unicorn Agrotourism is just minutes from the fabulous Lake Garda, in an old yet restored manor estate that is completely sustainable, which comprises of ten elegant rooms with unique antique furniture. They also produce oils, jams, grappa and delicious wines that only come from their crops.

Nona Rosa Agritourism (Como)

More recent is the Farm Nona Rosa, located 500 meters above sea level, yet only 5 minutes from the shores of Lake Como. It boasts a unique and unforgettable views. Immersed in green and isolated from other houses, it has 9 rooms with all the necessary amenities, where time will seem to have stopped in front of the stunning breathtaking sunsets.

Le Case dei Baffi (Sondrio)

Born from the restoration of an old mill from the 1900s, the Farmhouse Le Case dei Baff Ardenno is located in the beautiful Valtellina, just at the foot of the Rhaetian Alps. The fruits and vegetables used in the restaurant are grown here, and its menu includes the best of local cuisine. The structure also includes a horse farm and rich vineyards, where the a fine local nebbiolo wine originates from.  A real piece of paradise surrounded by valleys and fabulous itineraries.

Alle Baite Agritourism (Bergamo)

The farm is located at too on a green hills in the Brembana Valley, surrounded by towering pine forests, where  the old cottages from the 1800s once stood, and have now been renovated and modernized. The property comprises 3 double bedrooms with a wooden loft and rustic furniture built by the owners. It also has a rich orchard and they have donkeys, ponies, pigs, calves and goats, from which they get fresh milk every day.

Nicolini Farm (Varese)


It is a few kilometers from the historic center of Varese Agriturismo Nicolini, in the green countryside framed by the imposing Alps. Born in 1994, it was previously a breeder of thoroughbred horses, and still is home to many species including geese, ducks, quails, peacocks, turkeys, pigs and sheep. Idyllic and relaxing, it is one of the few farms where agricultural and breeding activity takes precedence over tourism.

Raimondi Cominesi Amilcare Agritourism (Pavia)

Nestled in the heart of Lomellina, between the green meadows of the Ticino Park, lies the beautiful Farm Raimondi Cominesi Amilcare. An old farmhouse from the 19th century, the property has 4 elegant rooms with antique furniture, the same ones that were once used by rice pickers. It is also an important educational farm where a special variety of highly valued Carnaroli rice is produced as well as eggs, milk and a variety of meats.

La Fornace Agritourism (Monza)


Initially established as a furnace for clay working, this rustic farmhouse has been in business since 1930 and today is one of the busiest farms in Monza. Immersed in surreal nature, featuring a cozy terrace, it is the ideal place to welcome elegant receptions and events, or to stock up on seasonal fruits, including schnapps and jams produced on site.

San Carlo Agritourism (Cremona)

Housed in a fifteenth-century aristocratic villa, San Carlo Agrotourism owes its noble name to the legend that Carlo Borromeo stopped by here during his pastoral visit to Cremona. For years now, it has hosted weddings in the ancient courtyard. They also prepare jams and chutneys, vegetables and herbs, fresh pasta and pastries here as well as organize cooking courses.

La Cantina del Prufesur Agritourism (Lecco)

Located on the top of the beautiful Montevecchia Hill, in the pearl of the Brianza countryside, in North-Western Lombardy, La Cantina del Prufesur Agritourism has been the most important winery of Brianza since 1913. In fact, this farm produces the noble wine Lariano, one of the most popular wines in the region, which can be tasted in the elegant restaurant of the farm. It offers typical products from the territory and it often organizes tastings and historical reenactment events.