S'Arxola Agritourism


Culture, local traditions and deep respect for the environment, this is Sardinia which is reflected in the eyes of Fulvio and Magda, the owners of S'Arxola agritourism, a characteristic countryhouse built in the municipality of Teulada, province of Cagliari, a few kilometers from the South coast beaches (Malfatano, Tueredda, Chia, Piscinnì, Portu Tramatzu) and the splendid dunes of Is Arenas Biancas and Porto Pino.

S'Arxola agritourism was born from the idea of agriculture and sustainable tourism. The farm produces honey, saffron, olive oil and jams using ancient agricultural practices and low environmental impact. Thanks to the production of energy from renewable sources, water saving and the reduction and recycling of waste, the Perdighe's family continues from 2010 one sustainable lifestyle that wants to share with its guests.

Characterized by an intimate atmosphere and situated in open countryside, it consists of six medium/large rooms, perfect for romantic and family holidays. In the living room at S'Arxola, television and internet connection are not provided, a choice perfectly in line with the company's philosophy, which conceives the holiday as sacred, imagining it as absolute detachment from all forms of stress. All the interiors are cool in summer, although not equipped with air conditioners, because the whole building was built using construction techniques that make the mild temperatures without heat pumps.

S'Arxola agritourism has been designed specifically for those who wish to enter in complete harmony with nature. Surrounded by nature, the farmhouse does not therefore alter the surrounding environment balance: the woods of the Mediterranean bush and sober aesthetic of 'building fit perfectly.

Providing a service similar to a B&B, in the morning will delight you with a rich breakfast, where you can enjoy Sardinian seasonal products that will surely make a difference in your day early! If you love Sardinia respect his beauty and nature, this is the advice that Fulvio and Magda shall reccomend their customers. Pampered by this lovely couple, do not miss the chance to make this incredible experience at S'Arxola; you will never want to return home!