La Gramola Agritourism


Located at the center of the Veneto, the province of Vicenza looks like a multiform territory where mountains, plains, rivers, cities of art and magnificent villas offer several ways to spend an unforgettable vacation. To the north of this beautiful area we find the Asiago Plateau, a palette of colors where the emerald green valleys and meadows mix with the deep shades of thick forests, while below it there is the Bassano area, dominated by Monte Grappa, the ideal location for those who love the gentle rolling hills, memorable places and ancient traditions.

This special universe where nature, art and history come together harmoniously, is the setting of La Gramola Agritourism, located precisely in Isola Vicentina, a territory dominated by forested hills and small family run farming properties. Always farm with livestock vocation, the opening of the agritourism is due to Mariano who, for 15 years, runs the company with the precious help of his family, point of reference and value that, in its work, has made the difference. After the death of his father and a career as a bricklayer, Mariano has worked for ten years as dairyman, an ancient craft that has been crucial for its future existence because it has given him the impetus to carry out a project that still continues with great success. La Gramola was born from his passion for the land and the desire to make tourism by offering  genuine, home-made and therefore absolutely natural products. Among the great qualities that enhance the rarity of this farm, there is the merit of being the first one to specialize in white asparagus cultivation in a territory that, in contrast to the Bassano del Grappa area, has never had a real culture of this tender vegetable.

The sweet flavor of the white asparagus farm has become the leitmotif of La Gramola Agritourism, so that Mariano and his family organize various theme nights during the period of collection of the asparagus to delight with its products the palates of customers with: from appetizers to desserts, a special ice cream with a delicate taste of green and white asparagus. La Gramola Agritourism has also implemented the activity with the cultivation of wheat aimed at the production of bread in wood-fired oven and with the breeding of pigs for the production of sausage products that constitute one of the main strenght of its agricultural activity.

It is right from the bread, genuine food par excellence, which derives the name "La Gramola”, appliance used by pasta makers to make the dough more smooth and homogeneous. The delicacies prepared with care and love from the farm La Gramola, however, does not end there! Delicious jams, honey and pickled and sweet and sour asparagus complete the offer. Bring to the table the flavors of the countryside and ensure the high quality of the meat and vegetables produced are the key points of this small country that welcomes friends and clients in a reassuring home-like atmosphere. The managers, in fact, have always wanted to recreate a rustic and comfortable environment, which had the taste of home, and that could be an oasis of peace where you can spend a day full of nature, sipping a glass of good wine and enjoying simple and homemade products processed according to the traditions of the territory.