Il Mandorleto Agritourism


Island rich in history, culture and beautiful landscapes, Sicily is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Italian people and foreigners, who can enjoy a pleasant climate, great food and warm hospitality, typical of the South of Italy friendly. In the heart of this island to be discovered, exactly in Contrada Gerace, lies Il Mandorleto Agritourism, a natural paradise in the countryside of Enna, a city that was defined by the Romans Urbs Inexpugnabilis, for its impregnability, Navel of Sicily, due to its geographical centrality to the Island, and Belvedere di Sicilia, for panoramic views from here you have in different directions.

Il Mandorleto originated as organic farm thanks to the in-laws of Maurizio Stellino who, deeply in love with this country, decided with his wife born in Enna to abandon the career of computer and move from Rome to undertake an activity that excites the farm and i very much excited, with the hope that one day his children can become the heirs, carrying on the tradition started by their parents. As its name suggests, the farm specializes in the production of organic almond sweet flavor, grown on about 14 hectares of land, which are sold directly to consumers, and can be enjoyed in loco.

To contribute to the excellent results that the farm reaches a daily basis, there is the entire family of Maurizio, composed by his wife and his two sons. Il Mandorleto's kitchen is personally supervised by his son Marco, who teases the palate of its guests with dishes that are an expression of local tradition, prepared with local products linked to seasonal and mostly organic.

Among the most popular foods include meats, olives, vegetables, sourdough bread and cheese, such as Piacentino Ennese DOP, a hard cheese produced from sheep's pasta with the addition of precious saffron stigmas.

Among the sweets that Il Mandorleto offers to its customers, deserve a mention of Carlo Amodeo's honey and homemade jams served during breakfast, sbriciolata ennese, almond ice cream and sherbet aroma of mulberry blacks, both belonging to the traditional Sicilian cuisine.

A look at the main structure consists of a farmhouse carefully reconstructed in the foreground lies the Stellino family, while in the ground floor there are five spacious rooms intended for the stay of customers, rooms furnished in Art Nouveau style and equipped with all amenities, as well the panoramic restaurant with windows from which you can enjoy views of the beautiful walled garden, in which are located three wooden chalets that house pretty complete apartments. A large swimming pool, picnic area with gazebo and barbecue and a fully equipped camper area with four pitches complement and enrich the farm offer, which boasts multipurpose activity. Il Mandorleto, in fact, is also an equestrian center affiliated to Fitetrec-Ante, the Italian Federation of Equestrian Tourism, and as such offers many activities with horses, including riding lessons  with a golf school and horse riding, cycling or on foot, all with the supervision and companion equestrian Alessandro, first-born son.

Il Mandorleto Agritourism is the perfect place for adults and young people who decide to leave the city to live a period of quiet and well being immersed in nature, surrounded by his explosions of color and perfume. Very attentive and friendly and family atmosphere are the hallmarks of farm Maurizio, who loves taking care of its customers and that strongly believes in the value, the same value that prompted him to change his life to embrace a new adventure!