Catering, A proposal for every occasion


In recent times is increasingly common practice to request a catering service for special events or simple parties and celebrations. The activities of the companies which work in this ever-changing industry is now guarantee an almost perfect result, attention to details and perfectly fitted to the demands ever more complex customer. Italian Traditions takes you to discover the origins of this practice and of the many sides that has assumed over time.

The term “catering” comes from "to cater" and it originally meant the supply of food and drink by a specialized company, as part of communities, transport companies, meetings and ceremonies. It is essentially a management method developed in 1902 in the United States, when the Illinois Bell Telephone Company realized the benefits of catering at the factory and decided to organize a canteen for their employees. In modern times the concept has greatly expanded and today, in Italy as in the rest of the world, there are different types of catering, which vary depending on the kind of event the service is required for. 

We substantially distinguish between industrial catering (mainly for events in which many people and the large communities are involved) and at home catering service (addressed to a restricted number of persons and, usually, for a limited time duration events); within these two main categories there are countless culinary proposal, of fitting, organization and event management, ensuring that the service can adapt to the needs and desires of any type of customer and situation.

As for the cuisine, you go by the courses of the classic Made in Italy tradition, to those of the best foreign culinary art, from the dishes of the starred chefs to new trends catering of recent years (finger food, show cooking, cocktails with thematic islands). Another popular service is the personal chef, a real home cook who is responsible for preparing the dishes at the time, directly on the place where the event is. Together with the customer he defines the menu and he take care of all the aspects of the service, from the organization of the banquet to the purchase of food, from the selection of the best wines to the staging table, and then concludes with the meticulous cleaning.

Practice, virtually art, inextricably linked to the catering and not to be overlooked in the organization of an event is the banqueting, that is everything related strictly presentation’s and fitting’s care, from the structures and the materials to be used to one of the most important elements: the most suitable location for the type of event you’re organizing. In the BelPaese companies specialized in catering services are now able to satisfy even the most demanding clients with a meticulous and irreproachable service. You just have to try!