Bicom, all Italian taste and quality


High Quality, Research & Development and always forefront products: these are the hallmarks of Bicom, the company founded ten years ago in Brescia by Claudio Mantovani.

Specializing in the semi-finished confectionery products for Ho.Re.Ca channel, the company has succeeded in a short time and establish itself as a reference point for the national and international market thanks to the continuous innovation refined and updated by a valid internal technical laboratory team with great skills and creativity aimed at the formulation of new recipes that can interpret and anticipate market trends.

For Bicom, the starting point of its products is of course the choice of raw material and of suppliers in order to guarantee a unique and competitive product that fully meets the needs of the market.

Among the first companies to offer products gluten free, hydrogenated fats free, lactose free and GMO free, with natural colorings and light products, with the increasingly health-conscious oriented look at one scenario, Bicom summarizes excellently the authenticity and tradition of Made in Italy.

The production of the company has a broad range of references developed and also produced in Marchio Terzi: prepared for sorbets and cold creams from slush, like the famous Cream with Coffee, prepared for yogurt, ice cream or desserts, hot chocolate for chocolate or in single-dose, dried granite in various sizes and flavored coffees, among which is the Ginseng coffee, which represents the company's core business. The semi-liquids like Topping, the Syrups Concentrates for Granita, as well as pulp of Fruit Concentrate are a further strength of the company from Brescia. All versatile products with a high service content are suitable to be prepared with different modes of use and that can be used with or without the aid of machinery.

Former business consultant, Claudio has harnessed all his professional experience to give life to a company that has managed to make his way very well in the soluble market, getting more and more support thanks to the large and recognized professionalism and seriousness that has always distinguished it. A factory that operates in marketing key and pointing on Innovation, Diversification and continuous research; just think that the Lab Technicians are engaged daily and constantly develop new products. Partner of important companies and national and international coffee shops, Bicom, in addition to organizing training courses for its customers' agents, involves the expertise of the best players in the logistics sector to delivered goods are carried out quickly and safely.

Trust the Innovation, taste the flavor and enjoy the quality of the pure made in Italy by Bicom.