7 Italian companies working in harmony with nature


Eco-organic, gluten free, km 0 appear today perfectly integrated in modern society concepts, which are becoming more way into our daily lives. Full and steady growth of the organic and the gluten-free market, which led Italy to be recognized as the largest producer of organic food in Europe, both in terms of the number of certified companies and  for acreage. In recent years the green thinking is affecting the fashion world: more and more are initiatives to zero impact in the fashion field. Speaking of bio in all its forms, Italian Traditions want to tell you today abot 7 Italian companies oriented to alternative solutions, towards an eco-friendly model that cares about the quality and health of the environment and the community, to one and only aim of offering consumers a quality product that is an expression of their love for nature. Let’s know them together.


The Piedmont company run by Giampiero Barbanera produces wines in the beautiful setting of the Monferrato hills, among its scented vineyards, the colors of nature and the warmth of the sun. Jewels of the earth that delight the taste and smell, the wines signed Barbanera are worked with wisdom and love, giving priority to the relationship with the land and nature. After the harvest of 2015, three new productions Barbera d'Asti D.O.C.G., Piemonte Cortese D.O.C. and Moscato d'Asti D.O.C.G. have obtained VeganOK certification, in support of quality, professionalism and respect for the environment that make Barbanera Vini a very interesting and appreciated reality.


Being an excellence in manufacturing and holistic culture, improve well-being and the beauty of the people, making known the extraordinary properties of microalgae are some of the basic principles of BIOEARTH, engaged for decades in the production of bio-natural nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Cosmetology of Sabrina and Paolo Adorni is inspired by the herbal medicine and is based on the use of natural substances such as essential oils, vegetable oils, butters and waxes. Today the company occupies a leading prominent place in the field of holistic education and dissemination of scientific and technical information, thanks to the foundation of BIOEARTH ACADEMY and GREENOLOGY UNIVERSITY.


Young company born from the meeting of two women, Eva Casagli and Claudia Lami, grew up in a family dimension with a synergy of aims and ideas, Biofficina Toscana produces ecobiological cosmetics certified ICEA that arise from the use of natural active ingredients and innovative substances manufactured with original and secure methods, and responding to the desire to offer a product in which coexist innovation and craftsmanship, natural and scientific. The company uses high-quality organic raw materials and Tuscan biodynamic as the sea buckthorn oil, red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate juice and honey. The philosophy of "Km 0" is combined with the exploitation of land resources and a scrupulous attention to even the packaging and information material, made from recycled paper and from protected areas.


Young company made up of young, Revolution Food was founded in 2010 with the aim of satisfying the needs of those who prefer or are forced to gluten-free diet, combining in a successful food security goodness. Revolution Food chooses carefully the raw materials, always of high quality, to provide to its customers the consumption of natural products, with no preservatives and good on the palate. Perugia The company is also dedicated to creating gf mixtures for industrial use and activity of micro-laboratory that aims to train entrepreneurs on the use of their mixtures and to accompany them in the choice of creating sales points of fresh produce, whose celiac still suffer lack.


A rebel project of craft shoes, allergy-free, ecological and Made in Italy that do not pollute the foot or the environment with toxic materials or harmful chemicals. Shoes that, since 2008, Ragioniamo con i piedi offers alternative markets firmly believing in the quality and short chain. The company of Gigi Perinello collaborates with small Italian manufacturers selected to produce shoes that owe their excellent quality for crop production and no chemistry of the skin.


King Cup Coffee is a leader in the instant beverage market, specializing in the production of soluble ginseng and ginseng coffee, a gluten-free coffee, free from hydrogenated and trans fats and lactose-free, imported directly from Malaysia and packaged in a protected atmosphere to provide all the fragrance of the original root. The company pays much attention to the health of its consumers by relying on the best manufacturers who carry out the most ancient traditions of cultivation of raw materials and using the extract of Panax ginseng, a precious Asian root known since ancient times for beneficial effects on body and mind.


The company is involved in research, development and marketing of dietary supplements made from high-quality plants and mushrooms, using unique formulations in the market and up to date with recent international studies. Goldenwave responds to the needs of professionals looking for reliable health food supplements, which are formulated in a scientific way and updated, controlled by highly professional laboratories and you can check the content of the active component thanks to the analysis published online certificates.